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DoR - protocol and clinic

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Suri00 Wed 13-Feb-19 12:12:10

Hi Ladies, I have gone through 2 ivf cycles with flare protocol at a clinic in the south east and although they are wonderful personally I feel I might need to try a more personalised protocol which I might find in a london clinic (Argc?). I had a natural pregnancy at 34 but have failed trying for a 2nd ever since, including 2ivf, and now feel I need something more specific to improve the quality of my eggs (if possible)? The 2nd ivf was with higher menopur (300ml) and 150 ml ovaleap and although I had 7 follicles retreated only 3 fertilised and 1 was of decent quality (not great) put back in... but overall the same result as in the 1st round with lower dose so wondering if I should try something different that can improve my chances? Has anybody changed from flare to long protocol and with EPP? Would be great to hear some suggestions.... thanks ladies

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