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Hormone levels

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Kezzilj Mon 11-Feb-19 18:39:06

Hi all, we have been trying to conceive for 18 months... I had an early miscarriage a year ago and nothing since then. I had Bloods done last week and Dr has asked for a retest in 4 weeks as some of the levels were high. Can anyone explain what these levels mean in terms of fertility as I have no clue a d Dr was quite vague... I know it differs woman to woman but looking for a general idea.

Fsh 4.4
Lh 10.4
Progesterone normal on cd21
Thyroid normal
Everything else normal

I'm 31 and have no idea whether these are good or bad for my age

physicskate Tue 12-Feb-19 08:44:27

What day of your cycle were these taken?

Kezzilj Tue 12-Feb-19 11:00:03

All on cd21

physicskate Tue 12-Feb-19 12:21:36

Then the fsh and lh are irrelevant. The range for that point in your cycle is very wide, so less detail in info derived.

Fsh and lh need to be taken cd2-5.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 12-Feb-19 15:32:43

Is your menstrual cycle regular in nature?

What was your progesterone level on day 21?. That should have been solely tested on day 21. It does not seem that your GP knows an awful lot about fertility tests so I would be now requesting a referral rather than having more blood test results being sent back to the GP.

LH and FSH should indeed be tested around day 2-5 only and compared against each other.

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