I dont know if i have ovulated or not

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Smidgen15 Mon 11-Feb-19 17:47:45

Hi all

I was expecting to ovulate this coming weekend. Im a pretty obvious ovulator. Discomfort, slight bloating (not always) and CM.
But the last 2 days, ive had alot of CM more than when i normally ovulate so its got me thinking ive ovulated early.
I may have had niggles over the weekend, i think i did, cant be 100% sure. I may have passed them off as nothing because im not due to ovulate until the 16th.

Problem is, im due to have a scratch on the 26th with a view that AF will arrive 4 days later as its a timed scratch.
So i kinda need to know if i have ovulated as i will need to bring the app forward.

I know if i did a OPK it will probably show Negative by this point as my understanding is that CM happens after the surge.
Is there anything else i can take (test wise) to see if i have ovulated or not?


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