Fear of another ectopic after ivf

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Sara262 Sun 10-Feb-19 08:17:55

Hi guys

I had 2 ectopic after ivf previously. First one was on my right tube, i had brown watery discharge, diarrhea, cramping on one side, shoulder tip pain and then full period on my test date with a positive HPT. The second one was on my left tube, i had intermittent pink spotting started almost a week before my test date with a cramp on my right side again, shoulder tip pain and shoulder blade and shoulder pain.

This cycle i started spotting from 6 days post 2 days transfer until now (5days so far), day 1 pink, day 2 brown, day 3 pink, day 4 old and bright red and today pink. I got my bfp as well. Im terrified. i had some pain on my right side but only afew mins and slight shoulder pain.Any thoughts x

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CCS83 Sun 10-Feb-19 08:31:17

Hiya I had a ruptured ectopic last year in my left tube - did you keep both tubes?
Presumably your clinic know about your past ectopics? I would ring them letting them know your symptoms and also how similar they are to your previous ectopics. It may be too early to see an ectopic in your tube but ask for hcg blood tests every 48 hours to see if your levels are rising normally? X

Sara262 Sun 10-Feb-19 08:50:19

Hi hun,

I went to EPU for my both ectopics as my clinic usually give an appointment between 6 to 7 weeks. They believe nothing can be seen earlier.

When i went to hospital for my right ectopic, they haven't seen anything at 4 weeks and my hsg was doubling every 48 hours. They checked my cervix as well (it was closed) and they discharged me. I was diagnosed with right ectopic at my clinic between 6 and 7 weeks scan and i was referred to a new hospital on my request. They did expectant management and it went away on its own. For the second ectopic i went to the same hospital with my symptoms at 4 weeks and they book me an appointment for a week after as they couldn't see anything on ultrasound. They also told me blood tests are not reliable as I'm using progestrone supporties. I was diagnosed with my left tubal pregnancy at 5 weeks but i lost my left tube as my hsg was rising and did alot of damage to my tube already. Now i want to wait until 5 weeks to go to epu. I think i like to be in denial sad xx

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