Secondary infertility

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Lauramck Fri 08-Feb-19 17:56:54

Wrote this on a forum

Hi I’m Laura and 29 years old. My husband and I have a beautiful healthy/ happy 3 year old boy and he is our world. When having baby mck I was induced and had a 4th degree tear. It wasn’t the best birth and looking back still makes me cry.

But my main story is we have been TTC for 2 years now and absolutely no luck. We are currently under the consultant and have had blood tests, HSG test and scan. (I feel like a pin cushion) My results have come back all fine, my periods are regular and for roughly 3/4 days. Unfortunately my husbands sperm test came back healthy but low sperm mobility (basically not as fast at swimming). To see my husbands face drop and look heartbroken basically broke me. From having baby mck my husband has changed his job and it can be very stressful. This could be a result but no one can say for definant especially when he’s fit and healthy and runs marathons for fun!!

The consultant recommended Condensyl tablets to help with the swimming. You start to see effects from 4months hopefully and we are currently on month 2. So watch this space.

It’s hard to see your friends falling pregnant and you are so happy and excited for them but feel slightly sad and jealous wishing it was you. I’ve lost currently 2 1/2stone which is definitely what I had to do and 2 more stone to go but staying positive is getting really hard now and I’m having a little wobble.

So many questions: Will this work? Why us? What else can we do to help? I don’t want people to be afraid of talking about it and would love others to share there experiences please. Could do with some other mums going through this xx

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