The 2ww post transfer- help

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whatdoyouwantfromme Thu 07-Feb-19 22:03:45

First round of IVF, private only one in the freezer.
Transfer is booked for Monday afternoon, clinic told me to take the afternoon off. Which I have done. Blood test the following Friday, get the results via phone and again have taken the afternoon off work.
Any tips advice?
How soon can I test at home?
Should I test at home or wait for the bloods?
Can I exercise ? To what intensity?
How will I stay sane ?

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LillyLeaf Thu 07-Feb-19 22:14:38

I tested at home on my OTD then went to have bloods done at the clinic. I did this because I didn't like the idea of getting the blood results by phone while at work then having to ring DP also at work and tell him over the phone, all this made me pretty stressed so decided to home test. I got a very clear result at 9dp5dt. I was told not to exercise. There is no way to stay sane. Good luck.

whatdoyouwantfromme Thu 07-Feb-19 22:59:35

So if bloods are done on the Friday, could I test the Thursday night with an early result test ?!

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Sam2526 Fri 08-Feb-19 07:22:15

Hi hun,
It depends on what day embroy transfer you had. In my previous ivf cycle I transfered two day 3 embroys and I tested after 11 days and it showed up. If you use a home pregnancy test, use a good one like clear blue.
This cycle i transfered two day 2 embroys on 30th jan (last week) and yesterday i tested with clear blue digital pregnancy test and it showed up.

I was always told that to take it easy during 2ww and eat a balanced diet. Being active is good for blood flow but dont be exhusted or stressed.

Try to keep yourself busy when you are at home, watching netflix etc. I usually go for a walk during 2ww, nothing more. Its great to test at home but give it a reasonable time. I hope it works out for you xxx

Sam2526 Fri 08-Feb-19 07:32:10

I never did exercise during 2ww except walking x

whatdoyouwantfromme Fri 08-Feb-19 07:45:19

Thanks for all your advice. I'm naturally a stressed person so any help is good.
it's a frozen transfer. So not sure what day that will be. Will ask on Monday.
I'm extremely fit, train up to 7 days per week, advice from my clinic was conflicting. One nurse said continue another said wait 2 weeks. I have a really good diet, however generally live in a calorie deficit. Which I'm stopping. I don't want to be testing like a crazy person and I need exercise to keep me sane !

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melissa1215 Fri 08-Feb-19 10:41:23

I binge watched tv shows, (sopranos, sex and the city to be specific)

Quite literally relaxed whenever I could, had a day shopping with my sister, plenty of meals out, dog walks with my fur baby.

I did cave and test early at 6dp5dt after swearing I wouldn't because of how I felt in my first round.

Just everything i could that felt positive really, and are my body weight in pineapple.

Zita west fertility recipe book helped me too, I made some of the meals during my 2ww more for something to do rather than the healthy eating

Ilikehamsandwiches Fri 08-Feb-19 12:27:58

I really relaxed after my 5dt. I ate pretty healthily and had a slice of pineapple (including the core) every day, Brazil nuts, Pom juice and oily fish. I kept my feet really warm with cosy socks and I had macdonalds french fries once after my transfer. Got my bfp 9dpt but I reckon it would have come up a day or two before. Good luck x

whatdoyouwantfromme Fri 08-Feb-19 12:34:35

Ok so I need help, pineapple? Fries please explain!!!!!

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Willow4987 Fri 08-Feb-19 12:43:10

I tested almost 2 weeks after transfer but my clinic doesnt do blood tests so this is what they advised instead

I also tried to relax and eat a balanced diet.

I didn’t focus on what I should or shouldn’t be doing too much other than to try and take it a bit more easy as I think there’s too many other things to stress about that added pressure of following a specific diet etc just isn’t needed as well

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