Tests for infertility -TTC forever

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ItNeverHappened Thu 07-Feb-19 15:51:33

Hi guys,
First time on here and I’ll just take a minute to rant. Never used anything since 2009, since I came off the depo injection which I was only on for about a year. Had around 4 long term partners since then, 2 had kids already. Periods do whatever they like, sometimes might get one every month for 3 months then skip 2 months!! Always come on different dates when I do get one on a monthly basis too. I’m really bloated and recently lost some weight but still bloated and in the last year I have been getting a pain in what feels like my right ovary. I’m 28 this year and have been seriously wanted to have a baby for the past 3 years, even though I probably should have taken it seriously as when I was younger never used anything and never got pregnant! Saw docs a few times about it but because I wasn’t properly trying they didn’t want to know. I’m worried now I’ve left it too late. I’ve just moved area and at new doctors surgery, last one was crap, send me for bloods, then more repeated bloods, day 1-5 test came back normal, couldn’t do the progesterone one as my periods are so irregular! New doctor has booked me in for a scan on my womb and ovaries in March, can anyone tell me what this will entail and what they might be able to tell ? My partner will be getting his sa done in next couple of weeks, though it’s not him as he had a child with someone else but she terminated. Basically would just like to know what the ultrasound will be like, what will happen, what they are looking for and if it comes back normal what happens after that? So worried I’ve left this all so late now I am really ready to have a family, but have always known something has been wrong all this time!

Sorry for the rant x

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Rspu3 Thu 07-Feb-19 16:27:21

Hi 👋 I have also been ttc for years and also 28 years old, I also worry I’m getting older but seriously time really is on our side, some ladies don’t start all of this till late 30s so don’t worry about your age rn. I’ve also had internal
Scans to look at ovsrys and my uterus. It’s like a dildo lol with a camera on that they insert it’s only
Like a smear really I didn’t find it painful just a bit uncomfortable so try not to worry about that, I have now been referred with my partner as his tests came back with issues and we have been referred to a hospital I’m assuming I will need a dye test next for
My tubes so if everything comes back normal
With your scans I assume they will want to do the same with you x

ItNeverHappened Thu 07-Feb-19 16:42:23

Hi Rs, thanks for your reply & thankyou for the comment about the age, you read all sorts on the net and we’re not getting any younger but your right, I do have time to sort this out still. How long have you been tyc and did your bloods and ultrasound come back as normal? It all really confuses me to be honest, I don’t know much about the male issues, I hope your partner gets sorted soon, there is so much they can do now and we’re so lucky to live in age where most things are possible. I try and remain positive, all my friends seem to get pregnant so easily too. I’m happy for them for saddening that I have struggled all this time. I have cried for hours so many times reading stuff on the net about it all etc. My scan is on 5th March , wish it was tomorrow. I’m not the most patient as it is! Lol. How long will you have to wait for your tube test? Sending love, and although sad, it’s nice to know there are others in the same boat as me and we can share experiences etc, as if your partner is anything like mine, he worries and doesn’t really know what to say or do when I talk about it or stress or cry. Xx

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