Another month TTC waiting for referral

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ilovetrees30 Wed 06-Feb-19 12:03:30

Just started my period today which means I am on cycle 33. Currently waiting for my first appointment with the fertility clinic as my final test was completed last week. How does anyone keep the motivation to actually keep trying every month. The thought of another fertile week knowing that its probably going to be pointless is really not helping with my libido and wanting to have sex. Does anyone have any tips??

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physicskate Wed 06-Feb-19 12:48:04

No tips, I'm afraid. We haven't had sex since the cycle before ivf, all the way back in May! I think we are both happy for the break pregnancy has given us (though physically I am haven't been up to it in several months from severe pelvic pain...).

Sex became very perfunctory for us in the two and a half years ttc (not nearly as long as many, I know!!).

You are allowed to give yourself a break for a cycle, but I was always worried I was missing 'the one' egg that was ok.

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