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Letrozole and progesterone

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Mummy2Darcey Tue 05-Feb-19 20:57:41

Hi all, this is my first time using MN. I have been ttc for almost 3 years now and have just had my first cycle of letrozole (femara) my day 21 bloods came back at 89 after preciously being 20 which means I have ovulated. I'm not sure what levels are low/average/high. If anyone can clarify that would be great. So happy that they've increased but the TWW gets harder each month confused

physicskate Wed 06-Feb-19 00:21:00

Generally, over 30 means you ovulated. Other than that, the number doesn't mean anything (though I've never seen anyone post that high a number on here.

Mummy2Darcey Wed 06-Feb-19 07:48:00

Hi physics Kate. Thank you for your reply. I couldn't seem to find anyone with that high a number either. I wasn't sure if the levels might be different depending on whether they are given in the UK or not.

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