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Tinatries Sun 03-Feb-19 17:19:43

After months of tests and scans, I was referred to victoria infirmary fertility clinic where the doctor recommended ICSI and has added me to the waiting list for Glasgow Royal Infirmary. I know it can be up to 12 months but I just wondered anyone else’s waiting experience was?

And once you get your appointment at GRI what happens at the first couple of appointments?

Thanks in advance xx

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Ashley90210 Fri 08-Feb-19 15:11:48

Hi Tinatries,

We were referred in April and told it was up to a year waiting time. We got our first appointment through in the September so didn’t wait as long as we thought. There is so much paperwork and consents you have to fill out and the they want to do more blood tests etc so all that will add on another few months to the process.
We had ICSI as we have unexplained infertility. I hope you get your appointment soon smile

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