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physicskate Sun 03-Feb-19 19:03:36

So it might (but might not) have been the case that you ovulated a day or two after the test...

Are your cycles regular(ish) around the 35/36 day mark? If so, I'd probably ask for another 'cd21' test on more like cd 28/29. If super irregular, I'd just move on.

Kelly2019 Sun 03-Feb-19 18:55:35

Period came 15 days after bloods that was cycle day 21 (sorry, forgot to answer)

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Kelly2019 Sun 03-Feb-19 18:53:17

Hi. Yes have had other tests including hormone with a ratio of over 3. Also have other symptoms of pcos as to why she suspects it's that. The scan will determine whether this is the case/what's going on..
Yes, OH has been for SA all good.

That's Mol5. I presumed it would be a long process. Although, my GP has already mentioned about referral to a specialist, so perhaps she's willing to get things done a little sooner? We will see after the results of the scan!
Good luck to you.

Thank you both for replying.

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Mol5 Sun 03-Feb-19 18:36:48

Hey! I had PCOS diagnosis determined by day 21 bloods FSH/LH and internal scans.

In the short term (I.e under 1 year of TTC) your GP may prescribe Metformin and try various doses over several months. They'll suggest you ensure you have a healthy BMI as a treatment for curbing PCOS and helping you TTC too.

If this is unsuccessful after some time, when you pass the normal criteria for fertility referral - location dependent but depends on duration of time TTC, if you have other children from previous relationships etc, non smokers etc then the GP may give you a further fertility referral to a specialist.

A specialist consultant can prescribe clomid if it suits your case. But they would probably check other things beforehand like tube blockages, semen analysis of your partner etc.

Honestly it's quite a lengthy process for diagnosis and referral and to put it in perspective the time between getting metformin from my GP initially to clomid from a specialist, for me, took 2 years with a multitude of other tests between.

At the 3 year mark, we will become eligible for NHS funded IVF - our situation being PCOS and no other known issues.

physicskate Sun 03-Feb-19 18:10:04

Oh dear... the day 21 test of fsh and lh won't tell you anything about pcos. Many many gps will not prescribe clomid.

Has your partner had a sperm analysis?

You should have day 2-5 tests of fsh/lh to determine the ratio (a ratio of 1:2 is a possible indicator of pcos). You would then be referred to fertility clinic. This is out of the realm of the vast majority of gp's expertise (clearly, if they've relied only on cd21 test).

Incidentally, did your period arrive about a week after the test?

Oh! And multiple cysts on ovaries don't always indicate pcos. I have polycystic ovaries but not pcos, which is an endocrine disorder.

To diagnose pcos, they rely on 2 out of three from:

Polycystic ovaries
Fsh/lh ratio (and androgens)
Symptoms like hirsutism, difficulty losing weight, irregular cycles etc...

Kelly2019 Sun 03-Feb-19 16:38:08

Hi, I've posted on a few different pages. Just trying to get an insight of what may lie ahead..
TTC have had day 21 bloods that confirm I haven't ovulated and hormones ratio out too. GP suspects pcos as some symptoms along with tests. Transvaginal scan on 12th Feb to confirm and to see what's going on.
Just want to know if anyone has been in similar situation and after scan, did you get referred to a gynaecologist/fertility specialist.
Did you just go to GP after scan and they were able to prescribe Clomid/Metformin/anything else?
I know that it will differ with everyone depending on what's wrong, but I'm just trying to get my head around what I should be preparing myself for?

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