Further tests... what to expect?

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glowingtwigs Sun 03-Feb-19 13:07:46

A bit of background...
Recently turned 38, been ttc for 8 months. Got pregnant cycle 2 but miscarried at 5.3 and on cycle 6 now following m/c. DH sperm analysis is all normal, as is my oestrogen and day 21 progesterone shows have been ovulating but my fsh is higher than the doctor would like at 9.1 and then 9.7 (posted on another thread asking about this). Have also had a pelvic scan due to some ovary pain, but all normal and lady said could see follicles and all looked normal.

The next step seems to be additional fertility testing so AMH and checking tubes with dye, plus scans which I think we might go for privately if this month is unsuccessful (GP says keep trying a bit longer before referral).

My question is, what is the dye in tubes test like? What if there's a little embryo in there at the time?! And what are your experiences with these next steps?

I'm super anxious about the whole thing, so need a bit of a hand hold. I just don't get why we would get preg so quickly to then have nothing for 5 cycles plus sad Am I panicking too soon here?

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EarlGreyT Sun 03-Feb-19 15:42:14

What if there's a little embryo in there at the time?!
They make sure you’re not pregnant before doing it. They usually make you have it in about the first 10 days of your cycle.

what is the dye in tubes test like?
I found the hycosy ok- a bit crampy, but not too bad really. I found the HSG flipping painful and if you have this would recommend taking some painkillers first (I didn’t!). Having said that, I still went to work after it as the pain was short lived.

CritterTamer Sun 03-Feb-19 16:33:37

Hi OP, as the PP said, the HSG is very painful, but the pain doesn't last too long. I was told to take painkillers 1 hour before and also made to sign a form confirming I hadn't had sex since CD1 (test done on CD7) to rule out pregnancy. Good luck with your test results 😊

glowingtwigs Sun 03-Feb-19 17:14:42

Thanks so much @EarlGreyT and @CritterTamer for your replies.

@EarlGreyT what's the difference between the hycosy and the HSG? I think our private clinic does the hycosy first...

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LillyLeaf Sun 03-Feb-19 19:33:55

I've had a Hycosy, it's totally fine, just a mild cramp when the liquid goes in. Hycosy is when they inject liquid into the uterus and tubes and using an internal ultrasound monitor the movement of the liquid. I haven't had the x-ray version. I also had mine done privately.

EarlGreyT Sun 03-Feb-19 20:03:57

what's the difference between the hycosy and the HSG?
Basically hycosy is contrast + ultrasound and HSG is contrast + X-Ray.

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