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Secondary infertility

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L0ndonGirl Sat 02-Feb-19 11:33:30

Hoping for some advice - we’ve got a 7 and a 9 year old. We always wanted more, and have been trying on and off for most of the last 6 years. We’ve been trying seriously for last 16 cycles. We’ve been using Clearblue Advanced Monitor - my cycles are regular, I always ovulate days 12-14, and we DTD every day in the day 11-15 window. Absolutely nothing has happened, and the emotion is raw. We conceived DC1 naturally on 13th cycle of trying, and DC2 on 2nd cycle. I’ve had general blood tests done but they show nothing unusual. I’m not on any medication. I saw a nutritionist a year ago, and been taken recommended vitamins, high strength ubiquinol and macca root. Tried DHEA supplements but had a reaction (nausea, chest pains), so avoiding that now. Saw fertility acupuncture lady for 3 months over autumn. I last had a pelvic scan 2/3 years back - other than small ovarian cyst, nothing untoward and nothing seems to have changed since. My GP is dismissive when I’ve talked to her -“well, you’re 40 now”. Hubbie would like more too, but he’s strongly against fertility treatment on religious grounds, which I fully appreciate. I don’t know what to do. I’m aware fertility clinics offer MOTs, but they seem to get bad reviews in press, and I’d be concerned they were unhelpful and mainly a sales pitch for their procedures. We’re based in the London area - has anyone got any recommendations, or suggestions from experience, as to what might help us?

LillyLeaf Sat 02-Feb-19 11:46:55

Has your DP been tested? Is he taking supplements?

L0ndonGirl Sat 02-Feb-19 11:59:50

He’s taking Wild nutrition fertility supplement and ubiquinol- he’s open to supplements but not keen on testing as we’ve conceived twice before. Where would he get tested - a fertility clinic?

LillyLeaf Sat 02-Feb-19 12:21:51

Male fertility changes due to various things including diet, alcohol and age just like women. His GP might offer the test but otherwise he can go to any private fertility clinic and be tested.

physicskate Sat 02-Feb-19 17:19:56

And fertility mots are only really useful for determining how you might respond to fertility treatment. They don't tell you how long it would take to become pregnant naturally, unfortunately.

If your dh is not open to treatment, how would you feel if tests did reveal some sort of problem? What if that problem was unlikely to be overcome with lifestyle changes or supplements?

ckc45d10 Mon 04-Feb-19 23:14:34

Ditto for ubiquinol as research suggests it may support fertility in men. Most research has been done on sperm concentration and motility. In addition, a water and fat-soluble ubiquinol or CoQ10 absorbs better.

Jduh Thu 14-Feb-19 22:15:02

@L0ndonGirl I would encourage your husband to get tests for him.
We conceived DC1 naturally on 4th month of ttc. Now on cycle 17 ttc #2 and DH had SA and he has very low count and very poor motility. Trying vitamins, loose boxers, Brazil nuts and exercise before repeat SA in April.

Dreamsofnr2 Fri 15-Feb-19 05:41:46

You should maybe have your AMH levels for egg reserve tested?
Don't want to sound harsh but you really do need to be realistic that fertility drops off a cliff over age 36 - all those celebrities pregnant in their late 30s/early 40s are the exception rather than norm and probably had fertility treatment that we ll never know about x

FlagFish Fri 15-Feb-19 06:05:00

OP, I mean this in the kindest way, but if your husband is strongly against fertility treatment then it may be time to start trying to make your peace with the possibility that this may not happen for you. Now you’re 40 the chances of you getting pregnant without intervention are much lower than they were when you conceived your two DC, and will continue to decline. Sorry sad

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