BFP after Hycosy

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Zara84 Sat 02-Feb-19 02:11:17

Hi ladies,

I had my hyscosy test today following 2 years of TTC for number 1. The doctor said everything looked “perfect” and she couldn’t understand why pregnancy hasn’t happened yet... I did have a small cyst near my left ovary on a previous scan I did 3 months back but it seems to have disappeared now... which is good.
My husband has had his sa and all was normal.

I have heard that some women do conceive following a hyscosy - have any of you experienced that after being told your tubes are unblocked?


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Moomin37 Sat 02-Feb-19 08:13:43

Yes I've heard this but no it didn't happen for me, but I had another condition that needed treated and I'm now hiding upstairs whilst my husband attempts breakfast with an excitable two year old who is insisting standing on her chair singing baby shark 🤣 No doubt you've done your research in to things like diet, vitamins, read up on sorry meets egg etc. and had all blood tests. Good luck and hope you get your BFP soon!

Moomin37 Sat 02-Feb-19 08:14:14

Sorry for all the typos!

BlackCatSleeping Sat 02-Feb-19 08:24:17

I had an eptopic pregnancy, then a hycosy. The hycosy hurt like hell. I got pregnant soon after and never had any trouble conceiving after that. I do believe my tubes were blocked and the hycosy cleared things. I don’t know how common it is but it can happen.

Spottyyellowdress Sat 02-Feb-19 08:27:59

I had mine a couple of weeks ago too and they found a blocked tube on the left - ttc 2 yrs as well. Seems to have thrown my cycle out a bit though, only just got a positive opk on cd17.

If both your tubes are fine then I reckon you’ve got a good chance over the next few months now it’s all had a good clear out! 🤞 for you.

Zara84 Sat 02-Feb-19 09:16:25

Thanks ladies... fingers crossed something good happens soon ! Thanks all smile

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BlackCatSleeping Sat 02-Feb-19 10:53:19

FIngers crosses for you! flowers

DianaBlythe Sat 02-Feb-19 11:02:11

We tried for 2 years, all results looking ok. Had an HSG, everything looked OK. Was a bit gutted as they scheduled the HSG for after I’d ovulated that cycle and then the following month I had an awful month with various chaos in my life and consequently hadn’t had huge amounts of sex. I remember saying to my friends that I was sure I hadn’t benefitted from the supposed increased surge in fertility after the HSG because of the appalling timing. The next day I found out I was pregnant.

I remember putting off the HSG, I was trying to be relaxed about TTC, didn’t think I was high risk to have a tube problem. No previous surgeries, no STIs, no symptoms of endometriosis... so whether or not it was related and I did have a blockage I didn’t know about and was cleared by the procedure and so didn’t show on the x-ray I’ll never know. The radiographers did say it’s not uncommon though.

Fingers crossed for you.

Zara84 Sat 02-Feb-19 12:34:38

Awww thank you Diana - it is just becoming so depressing now... you give me hope ! X

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OrcinusOrca Sat 02-Feb-19 15:30:11

I did, sadly it was a chemical pregnancy though. That was in October and no sniff of a BFP since, on clomid now.

Moomin37 Sat 02-Feb-19 18:13:17

Sorry to hear that @OrcinusOrca and hope the Clomid does the trick (it gave me blurred vision so I moved onto injectables which worked on the third round).

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