Has anyone done the C4/M2 rest?

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RedPandaFluff Sun 10-Feb-19 15:54:43

Ah @FingersXssd83 I understand how you feel - it's very hard to pick yourself up again after all the hopes and dreams come crashing down.

We've given our blood samples for the C4/M2 test and we've discovered that it's a LOT cheaper to do the other tests abroad. Because of that, I'm going to "treat" myself to a hysteroscopy as well!

I didn't get a review appointment after my third failed cycle for two months. The cynic in me thinks they don't want to have to deal with the aftermath . . .

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FingersXssd83 Sun 10-Feb-19 15:33:47

Sorry for late reply @RedPandaFluff I've been losing my shit after my second failed cycle!

Good idea about getting booked in with your GP. They usually help if they can. We have to wait another three weeks until we see our consultant. I have a feeling that he'll try and put us off the tests so will have to be pretty forceful.

Good luck with the tests and I really hope you get some answers and your BPF soon!


RedPandaFluff Thu 31-Jan-19 20:34:13

Hi @FingersXssd83 - sorry to hear you've had two unsuccessful goes . . . it's so hard 😣

I did wonder if my GP would do the Level 1 tests. I've just moved to a new town though so I have no idea how amenable my new GP will be - worth a try though; I'll get registered ASAP. Care Fertility charge £1300 for level 1 tests and that doesn't even include C4/M2 - that's an additional £500 for both of us 😱

I have premature ovarian failure, so we had zero chance of success without using donor eggs.

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FingersXssd83 Thu 31-Jan-19 20:24:51

Hi @RedPandaFluff, I haven't had the tests but I'm going to request them after a second failed IVF. I want to know if there's anything that we can do now to stop us having more failed cycles.

Can I ask, have you tried IVF with your own eggs before moving onto DE?

I say anything that can give you more info to improve your chance of success has to be a good thing!

Apparently you can get your GP to do the L1 tests. L2 tests can only be done at clinic and I believe cost £1500.


RedPandaFluff Thu 31-Jan-19 19:28:53

Ugh! Just saw the autocorrect in the title. The C4/M2 test!

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RedPandaFluff Thu 31-Jan-19 19:18:21

Hi everyone - had my review appointment today, after a third failed donor egg IVF cycle.

Having transferred six great quality day 5 blasts with just a chemical pregnancy to show for it, consultant agrees that there is likely to be a further issue (in addition to my premature ovarian failure) and we explored tests, one being the C4/M2 gene test.

Has anyone done this? The suggested tests total £2500 and it's a lot of money; but we are getting desperate now. The C4/M2 test will be about £500 of that, the rest is blood tests for thyroid etc. which they're calling Level 1 tests.

I'm really interested to hear any of your thoughts/experiences of recurrent implantation failure - thank you.

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