Urgent help required. Fresh transfer turned to 'Freeze all' after 22 eggs collected but now worried non will make grade to freeze after last cycle...

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LIONA1990 Thu 31-Jan-19 01:58:59

Hi all

Currently sat up worrying a little about whether any of our embryos will make it to blastocyst...

Just a little background. We previously had 4 unsuccessful IUI and 1 successful IVF where we conceived our daughter 9 months ago following a fresh day 5 blastocyst transfer. She was rated a medium quality and of 3BD. Out of 10 eggs retrieved we only had one to transfer the rest weren't good enough to freeze.

I'm unsure of the grading of blastocysts which is some of the problem.

Anyhow, as I was on the highest 450 bemfola injection due to hormone levels, I've been monitored for over stimulation and its showing I'm not over stimulated but as I had 22 eggs retrieved yesterday morning, they class me at risk so decided to do a freeze all on the eggs.

We are getting a call this morning to let us know how many are fertilised and we have an OHSS scan on Friday to double check again. To say I'm dissapointed is probably an understatement as no one had told us this was a possibility or the policy. But we understand the health reasons.

Anyhow, the issue I have is whether we will have enough to freeze but we could have a good enough one to transfer? They mentioned they would only transfer if there was only a couple of lower grade initially but then the second lady mentioned they probably wouldn't because of the stim risk..

The embryologist is call us this morning and il not sure what to ask? We'd obviously would prefer to have try fresh transfer if we aren't over-stimmed if no embryos ask re good enough to freeze but is that our choice or theirs?

It was so busy yesterday morning at the clinic and I hope we're not reading into it too much but there weren't enough beds for us and we had to be shifted into discharge early as there were too many patients.
We didn't get much chance to talk about the frozen cycle in detail.
We are with Midland IVI - any advice, greatly recieved. Xx

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Justwaitingforaline Thu 31-Jan-19 08:14:13

I had my EC yesterday too and collected 26 eggs ( although I’m egg sharing so have donated half to someone in need). Of my 13, 11 were mature and I’m also waiting on the fertilisation call this morning!

I’ll be doing a frozen cycle. That was decided on Monday due to my Estrogen levels which indicated a high chance of OHSS. My consultant yesterday said the timescale for frozen transfer was about 5/6 weeks ( two periods post EC ).

I think if they consider you high risk, it’s much better to do a frozen transfer because OHSS only gets worse if you fall pregnant due to HCG. As hard as it is to wait a bit longer, it’s much more preferable to rest and recover properly - recent studies have shown that FETs have a higher rate of success than fresh transfers smile

LIONA1990 Thu 31-Jan-19 08:29:52

Oh thank you!

Because my estrogen levels were fine and they've said I don't have OHSS, I suppose I was just surprised and taken off guard as no one had mentioned it to me I suppose.

I suppose with the grade of the last one not being great, and only that one out of 10 eggs collected making it to Day 5 on the previous round, I'm just worried by them deciding to freeze them, I'm concerned that if we do say get 2 to freeze, they might no thaw due to quality.

Just feeling really disheartened today even though there were lots of eggs.

I suppose the other issue is that I return from maternity leave at the start of March and was hoping to of had the transfer by then as I can't have any leave this year that wasnt agreed last year. We have to book it a year in advance. :/ more stress really than I wanted but hey ho!!!

Thank you again though!

Fingers crossed you and I get good results on the fertilisation rates. Will we get a call each day do you think similar to what they do when it's a fresh transfer? Last time we were called daily to let us know who it was progressing...

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LIONA1990 Thu 31-Jan-19 09:43:07

Just had a really good call with embryologist. 20 of the eggs of fertilised so over the moon.

Explained previous cycle and he agree if non made to a decent enough grade for freezing but would make for fresh transfer, they would assess OHSS and make a decision on Monday.

He did say rather reassuringly though that we should get some good grade blastocyst to freeze so we shouldn't have to cross that bridge hopefully. Things are looking at more positive today xxx

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AniSL Thu 31-Jan-19 12:42:46

When we had ours we hade 19 mature eggs with all fertilizing
They cancelled fresh transfer as there was fluid in the lining - this happens a lot but some clinics still transfer, mine does not as it does impact success rates.

CCS83 Sun 03-Feb-19 14:23:35

I’ve just gone through the same - im with Create in Birmingham - doing mild ivf so OHSS shouldn’t have happened - but did - estrogen levels were nearly 6000 by the time I triggered.
I was upset about having to do a freeze all as well - they collected 14 eggs, 12 mature, 10 fertilised. Our Day 3 ICSI results weren’t promising and I was devastated - 2 at Grade 2 and 1 at Grade 3 - all the others were poor quality. I had convinced myself that it was game over however I got a call yesterday to say 2 improved and went to blastocyst so they decided to freeze and graded them 3BA - 3 being the stage of blastocyst so stage 3 means it hadn’t hatched yet, B is the quality of the baby cells and A is the quality of the placenta cells. So mine were average quality (AA Is considered best)
Today had another call to say one more had been frozen as a 5BC so had started to hatch
I was up all night on google and from what I can tell the grading is a guide only for freezing - many people have BFN with perfect A grade blastos but then go on to have a BFP with a lower grade x

HawkeyeInConfusion Sun 03-Feb-19 21:53:41

Wishing you all the best. I have my fingers crossed for you all.

I had a freeze-all after mild OHSS. 10 made it to the freezer (I think they were frozen at day 3 and I wasn't told the grades). Anyway, the result of those frosties is supposed to be asleep but is instead talking about her homework.

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