HRT to help fertility??

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Scr2459 Wed 30-Jan-19 15:16:01


Wonder if anyone has been given hrt to help with their periods in aim to get pregnant?

I have not had a period in over 2 years and am in a position now where I am looking to get pregnant. I have been seen by my doctor who has referred me to a gynaecologist. I have had to appointments and just been for a scan. I have no cysts on my overies and have said my lining to my womb is thin. They have given me an option to take hrt to try and help bring back my periods and get pregnant.

Has anyone else had this? Tried hrt? Had any luck with it?

My only worry with hrt is all the stories I've heard saying it can cause cancer

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MissConductUS Wed 30-Jan-19 18:18:46

Have they done blood tests to determine what your current hormone levels are? This is really a case for a reproductive endocrinologist, but I suppose your gynecologist could get you started.

That said, it's a pretty common way to stimulate ovulation.

physicskate Wed 30-Jan-19 18:57:14

@Scr2459 how old are you and what are your ovarian reserves looking like? The sorts of things I've heard about are inducing a period with norethisterone and then using clomid... so not really quite hrt, but using hormones to cause a bleed and then stimming ovaries.

Scr2459 Wed 30-Jan-19 22:17:29

I am 29, in the scan today they said i had 7 follicles in my left ovaries and 12 in my right. My lining was very thin though which is why they think I'm not having a bleed. They did put me on a pill called medroxyprogesterone for 7 days to encourage a bleed but no luck

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