Too many GV eggs

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lli07 Wed 30-Jan-19 11:33:38


I have had two ivf cycles. The second cycle is still on going. I had egg retrieval yesterday, 6 eggs in total. I just got the news from the embryologist that there is only 1 egg fertilized and 5 out of 6 are GV eggs. I am devastated.

I had the same issue in the first cycle. 11 eggs were collected , 9 of them were GV eggs, 1 was degenerated, and only 1 was fertilised till embryo. The first protocol is the standard long one, with gonal f, and one ovitrelle trigger.

The doctor changed to a different protocol and different drugs in the second one. It's a short protocol with menopur and fyremadel at the stem stage, and double trigger shots . But it still didn't work.

I feel helpless. Does it mean there is little chance that I have my own biological kids. sad

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JeNeBaguetteRien Wed 30-Jan-19 17:25:21

I can't answer your question but your clinic should be able to help at the follow up appointment if this transfer is not successful (fingers crossed for your embryo).

I'd want to know what size were the follicles, ie did the follicle size not give any clue as to egg maturity, would it have been beneficial to wait a bit before egg collection.
What would they do differently in a future cycle if you need IVF again. Would they recommend donor eggs and if so is it something you would consider? UK or abroad depending if you care about anonymity or not.

Good luck 💐

lli07 Wed 30-Jan-19 17:50:16

Hello JeNeBaguetteRien,

Thanks for the reply. The last scan showed the most follicles were around 17-18mm, and 1 was around 20. The trigger shot was injected 2 days after the last scan. Presumably the majority of the follicles should have grown around 20mm by then. Is it possible that my eggs would be more mature if they are around 23mm or more.


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