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PostiveThinkingRainbow Tue 29-Jan-19 10:41:28

Hello Ladies,

I am doing a FET cycle, I am due to transfer this afternoon but I am in a dilemma I would appreciate any advice.

I had two early five day blastocysts, it was decided that they would thaw the embroy the day before in hope it would grow more overnight.
They thawed the first embryo which only thawed to 70%, they look for a minimum on 80%
We decided to thaw the second embryo to give us the best chance as advised by the embryologist, this thawed 100% so it was decided to watch them both overnight.

Embryologist called with an update this morning:
Second thawed embryo is looking beautiful and is now a 4ab
The first one has survived the night, but has developed much slower only being a grade 2.

I need advice on please:

If the grade two develops further they could possibly refreeze, anyone ever done this? If so what happened, would you do it again?

If the grade two is not suitable for the refreeze do I ask them to put it in along with the other embryo to give it a chance? Which means I will transfer 2 embryos, good or bad idea?

Has anyone else transferred a higher and low grade embryo with success?

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danni0509 Tue 29-Jan-19 10:59:21

On our first ivf we ended on day 5 with 1 x blast and transferred that as that's all that was left out of 15 embryos that we had from collection, nothing to freeze. we did have a pregnancy from that but miscarried unfortunately.

On our next ivf we had 14 eggs collected we really wanted a blast since that resulted in a pregnancy the first time for us, but had a phone call on day 3 with only 2 embryos left, 1 was a 7 cell & the other a 8 cell, both were fragmenting and the embryologist said we need to transfer today so we made our way to clinic and by the time we were there having transfer only a couple of hours later the 7 cell had deteriorated more, so we put both back in.

I was in my early twenties (ivf as had no fallopian tubes) so they really didn't want to put both back, the consultant really tried to persuade us to put one back but we made the decision to transfer the 2 as they had told me neither was suitable for freezing, so didn't want to use 1 it not work and the other to be discarded I would of always wondered what if!!

it worked out and we have a 5 yr old dc from that cycle.

Not sure what to advise, but you'll make the right choice.

Best of luck thanks xxxx

Grandmastersnitch Tue 29-Jan-19 12:02:08

There is some evidence that putting 1 good quality and 1 poor quality embryo back together, can have a negative impact on the good embryo. I would ask/demand to speak to one of the consultants at your unit and get advice on this.

I don’t have the study to hand just now (really sorry), but if there is a chance to refreeze, definitely consider this.

I was in the same position and put 2 back and had an early miscarriage of 1 (we will never know which one obviously). I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving one behind/wasting one, but this was a decision based on heart rather than head (iyswim).

Good luck!

hoping2018 Tue 29-Jan-19 12:56:18

It’s worth considering your age and how many cycles you’ve had before? NICE guidelines are if it’s your first cycle and your under 35 and quality is good then you should only transfer one. We did this with our first cycle - which involved letting one embryo go entirely to waste (not good enough to freeze) we got a bfn. Regardless I wouldn’t go back and change my decision because the stats on twins is pretty horrifying (1 in 12 either die or have serious ongoing morbidity).

Second cycle quality was bad again and we put two day 3s in - currently pregnant with one baby and due any day now. NICE guidelines were if no success on cycle one then have two put in. As I said I don’t regret any of our decisions but I’m very pleased to not be expecting twins (as lovely as healthy twins would be).

I think if you’re able to transfer one and refreeze the other I would definitely do this (though I admit I’ve not heard of it before). Putting two in does not double your chances of success - using them at different times does increase your chance of success. Good luck in whatever you decide.

PostiveThinkingRainbow Wed 30-Jan-19 07:06:48

Thank you for your messages ladies, the small one was still only a grade 2 and they really doubt anything will come of it. But decided it would not harm to put it in too for peace of my mind as it was too small to freeze again. Alot of studies have shown their is no harm, so for peace of my mind we went with that. 2ww now xxx

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Grandmastersnitch Wed 30-Jan-19 08:38:14

I have everything crossed for you x

danni0509 Mon 11-Feb-19 18:30:50

@PostiveThinkingRainbow hi just wondered how things were going on the 2ww

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