IVF/FET for no.2 after c-section for no.1

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Blondiecub0109 Mon 28-Jan-19 11:23:34

Hi, excitedly expecting a DS soon, after IVF. However he’s a cheeky monkey and been stuck breech for a long time (doing everything I can like spinning babies, birth ball, planning to scrub floors, seen chiro - and ECV booked for 38 weeks). I’m quite emotional about the thought of c-section, although I 100% acknowledge I have to do the best by the baby that I have now. However I’m keen to avoid a section as we have an embryo in the freezer and want to try for no.2 within a reasonable timeframe. In my understanding, a previous c-section can adversely impact implantation (for a natural conception too, but esp ivf) and moreover you are advised to wait 2years after a section before trying ivf again? The OBGYN today thought the 2 years sounded long/wrong and was more like 6 months ( tbh I was thinking of trying again ~1 year, pending breastfeeding, coping etc). Anyway love to hear either personal anecdotes or if anyone can sign post any research/info into this? Thanks

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Lauren83 Mon 28-Jan-19 12:46:07

Where I work it's a year following a CS or 6 months for a VB, I myself had a CS after IVF and my clinic wanted me to wait a year before a FET but I randomly got pregnant when he was 8 months and my obstetrician and midwifes don't seem concerned they said it was fine, my CS was after a failed induction and it was a great experience so opting for a ELCS this time, good luck!

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