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mikkyr Sun 27-Jan-19 05:00:59

So I’m Day 4 of stims. Scan booked for day 8 and hoping to have egg retrieval thereafter. I am hating the menopur injections and the way it’s making me feel.
I’m already looking into the next step to see if it’s worse or better than this...
We will be freezing my eggs at retrieval as husband has low sperm count and they are only going to do his retrieval by biopsy in about 6 - 8 weeks depending on how he responds to medication.
So my question is ... I will be having a FET at some point not on my natural cycle I’ve already been told.
What is that like? What’s the protocol? More injections? Worse side effects?

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AniSL Sun 27-Jan-19 07:20:24

We have had FET in 17th Jan after freezing all during our cycle last year, DH had TESE before my EC and they fertilized all the eggs and then froze the ones that made to day 5, we chose this because the consultants made us aware of the stark difference of the uterine environment from fresh cycle to frozen.

For us, we had a natural FET round, so no injections. Day 1 we let clinic know and day 2 started Cyclogest pessaries, Progynova tablets, folic and baby aspirin daily. Scan at day 8 to check lining and then transfer on day 17. Very simple, no side effects or pain. Transfer was fine except having to drink water and not go for a pee as they need a full bladder. Not painful and could resume normal activities after

mikkyr Sun 27-Jan-19 10:26:05

Thanks. Anybody with experience of a non natural cycle? What does it entail?

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EarlGreyT Sun 27-Jan-19 13:09:53

The above is a natural cycle FET, but still a medicated FET. In a non natural cycle
FET, they get you to take the contraceptive pill first and then when your withdrawal bleed starts start you on the progynova etc. It’s really not that bad and usually no injections unless they give you clexane or injectable progesterone instead of cyclogest.

EarlGreyT Sun 27-Jan-19 14:54:54

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound dismissive when I said it’s really not that bad. I meant from a physical point of view it’s not that bad. Emotionally, I found the entire process a massive head fuck although I didn’t find a FET as hard as a fresh- probably because the 2ww after a fresh transfer is the stressful end to an already really stressful process where as with a FET, the stress starts at the 2ww.

mikkyr Sun 27-Jan-19 15:01:36

Thanks. I’m just over these injections. I probably should ask more questions at my next consult instead of asking on here but I get home and then all the questions pop into my mind and I google the answers. I’m guessing that I will only do FET in a couple months so there will be time for me to ‘forget’ how rubbish I feel right now waiting for egg retrieval. Would be really nice if the injections were over but I doubt it 😐

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