IVF / ICSI - pls help

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beeb14 Sat 26-Jan-19 20:41:50

So I had my first at 38 and she is now nearly 4. She was born via caesarean after a difficult birth. We have not used contraception since she was born as we wanted another one soon after.. nearly 4 years down the line and nothing ..
I have regular periods and have been tested and am apparently fine other than my age... I'm 41 now..
Husband has morphology issues..
Have been to a few clinics for information but I leave more confused than when I went in .. and the price!!! It's such a minefield of information to take in.
Anyway want to get moving and wanted some information and recommendations regarding clinics in or around London...
I've been googling for the past year and keep getting petrified at the thought of spending all this money and not succeeding...
I'm scared to death but with my 42nd birthday looming I know I need to get a move on...
Any help/ advise ?

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