ICSI on hold for now

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pebbles15 Sat 26-Jan-19 15:01:59

Hi all, I'm new to this. We've been trying for a baby for the past 3 years with no luck whatsoever. Been to the hospital, nothing wrong with me & my OH has slightly low morphology. We've been referred for icsi but I need to lose a little weight first.
We've found this whole process so tough & it seems to be tearing our relationship apart.
We've decided to put the treatment on hold for now while we start to enjoy our relationship again.
Has anyone ever put treatment on hold before? I feel so alone with all of this. I don't know anyone else whose been through it.

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Cosyjimjamsforautumn Sat 26-Jan-19 15:23:08

We had 3 cycles of ICSI - DD now 17. Further cycles later on unfortunately didnt work due to poor quality eggs for retrieval - prob my age. DH didnt want us to use donor eggs.
IVF is stressful and we were encouraged to have a few sessions with a private counsellor during treatment to help with some conflicting feelings.
Good luck with your treatment

beeb14 Sat 26-Jan-19 20:30:53

Hi.. I am in the same boat.. I am fine but husband has morphology issues.. looking into IVF/ICSI
Don't know where to start ! It's a minefield..

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