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GreyC Sat 26-Jan-19 11:16:23

Hi everyone; my o/h has had his first SA results back (he’s had to have a second) and everything is fab (count; swimming, etc) but morphology is slightly below average. We have been TTC for around a year now..
I’m going Friday myself to get checked.

Does anyone have any experiences about this? Dr didn’t seems worried about the slightly below morphology; and we are waiting for the second to confirm. My O/H is slowly coming off his SSRIs which they think may be the culprit as usually there are other things wrong with morphology related issues. Dr has said we meet the criteria to refer after I’ve been looked at as sometimes a helping hand is needed. We’re only 28 so this is scary! Any advice; or stories would be great. Thanks

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FingersXssd83 Sat 26-Jan-19 18:49:57

Hi there, when my DH was first tested his morphology was slightly low but the count very high so it wasn't a concern. However to improve our chances he did the following and was able to increase his morphology to above the low threshold. This is what he did:

-Started taking Wellman conception vits
-Gave up caffeine
-Cut back on alcohol
-Improved his diet
-Stopped cycling
-Stopped saunas and jacuzzis after the gym
-Started drinking more water

We're just in the TWW of our second IVF cycle and during both on the day sperm tests, his results have been great so I really do believe the above helps.

Good luck!

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