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DotingDaisy Thu 24-Jan-19 10:03:20

Myself and my partner are due to have ICSI.

We have planned to start with my cycle at the end of March - he is working away until the end of March, but will be off work for the whole of April.

The clinic have said I will be on the higher dose (300) but short protocol, so she has said that I am likely to be stimming for 14 days before egg collection. We live in Bristol, egg collection and embryo transfer will be in Cardiff (an hour or so away)

The main problem is that I forgot to factor in that transfer isn't likely to be for 5 or so days after collection, and at that time in April I am supposed to be looking after my niece for a few days. I can't get out of it, and I can't really ask anyone else to look after her. I could possibly ask my mum, but she doesn't know we are having IVF and I don't want to tell her. So as well as having childcare issues, I will also be running around after a small person for a few days after transfer, which doesn't seem ideal either.

I guess the choices are that we either just go for it, or go for an earlier cycle (although partner will be working away and will have to take time off work), or a later cycle, but then we don't know what his job will be at that time, so it's up in the air then too.


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physicskate Thu 24-Jan-19 10:34:05

Have your dh look after your niece while you have transfer. It's really quick once you're in. I (and most of the women there) was alone for this as my dh was at work. Keeping active after transfer is recommended.

I'd go ahead - you'll always let stuff get in the way.

Polly99 Thu 24-Jan-19 10:42:35

Do check with the clinic that they will transfer without your DH there. IIRC mine required him to sign a consent form on the day, so I couldn’t go alone.

Can you hire a local childminder to look after DN if necessary? Presumably your DH can do the post- transfer looking after her if you want to put your feet up a bit?

DotingDaisy Thu 24-Jan-19 11:31:22

Keeping active after transfer is recommended Ah, I didn't realise that, that's good to know!

Do check with the clinic that they will transfer without your DH there
Thanks, will ask the clinic what their policy is

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physicskate Thu 24-Jan-19 11:52:48

Nothing strenuous!! Just normal activities!!

Try to keep relaxed (easier said than done, I know). I found acupuncture helpful for that. Some studies have found acupuncture may get have a small positive impact on cycles.

CritterTamer Thu 24-Jan-19 14:21:14

Hi OP, from vwhat you've said I'm guessing you're using CRGW? I had my two cycles there and for the first one my DH was not able to attend the ET - it wasn't a problem - you just need to be able to give them his name, address and DOB.

Also be aware that you might not stim for 14 days - if this your first short protocol cycle I'm guessing they have you on 300 menopur? I had this and only stimned for 8 days - everyone responds differently to the drugs 😊

Good luck with your cycle and if you have any questions about the clinic feel free to PM me xxx

DotingDaisy Thu 24-Jan-19 22:16:54

Critter thanks for that. Yes due to be on 300 menopur. Hadn't even considered that I might stim for a shorter time. Another thing to think about!

We are going to London Women's Clinic in Cardiff. We are having scans etc at the Spire in Bristol and then LWC for egg collection and embryo transfer. That is the clinic Mrs Gordon at the Spire recommended to us.

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