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Positive Ovulation test during IVF 2ww - pregnant?

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AmyK18 Tue 22-Jan-19 14:03:41

Hi all, I am 8dpt on a frozen cycle with a 2 embryo transfer. I took an ovulation test this morning as I couldn’t resist and know they also pick up HCG. It’s fully positive with two equally dark lines. I emailed my clinic and she said there shouldn’t be much LH in my system because of the down reg.
Also I know some Ovulation tests pick up oestrogen, which I am obviously being pumped full of at the moment, but I used the cheapy boots test strips which they say only picks up LH. Does anyone know if it could be anything else other than the pregnancy hormone it’s picking up i daren’t get hopeful ....

Pass1818 Tue 22-Jan-19 17:11:01

Only 1 way to find out, take a proper pregnancy test

Good luck :-) xx

AmyK18 Tue 22-Jan-19 17:29:19

Am being tested tomorrow but wanted to manage my expectations before hand smile

Pass1818 Tue 22-Jan-19 18:48:44

Ive heard before that positive ovulation test could be an indication of pregnancy so if it was me, i would be cautiously but very optimistic. Exciting.

slappinthebass Tue 22-Jan-19 19:58:53

I thought the reason you weren't supposed to test early with IVF is because the hormones used can include HCG and give a false pregnancy test? Don't want to burst your bubble, just manage your expectations. Fingers tightly crossed for you. Is it a hpt tomorrow or in clinic?

AniSL Tue 22-Jan-19 20:26:39

Frozen cycles dont have the hormones that can trigger a postive test usually. I have alsp heard that ovulation strips pick up positive tests for pregnancy too

AmyK18 Tue 22-Jan-19 20:49:12

@slapimthebass yeah I had my trigger shot forever ago so the HCG from that is long gone. It could be something else though that I’m not aware of..

lickencivers Tue 22-Jan-19 20:50:50

Good luck xx

AmyK18 Tue 22-Jan-19 20:50:52

Clinic, blood test. I go in the morning then they call me later in the day. We had 4 embryos in the bank but two of them didn’t survive the thaw so this is our only shot. Can you believe that, with a 98% survival rate. Apparently that never happens!!!

bloated1977 Tue 22-Jan-19 20:54:36

Good luck xx

UnDeadPool Thu 24-Jan-19 18:06:37

Hope you got good news 🤞🏻

AmyK18 Thu 24-Jan-19 20:15:07

I did yes thank you!! I already feel so worried!! I’ve asked for another blood test on Monday to check that all the numbers are going up ok. They said my hcg was 270 yesterday (9dpt) which apparently is very high?! I have mild crappying or twitching in my lower abdomen and every time it stops in go into panic stations...haha!

UnDeadPool Thu 24-Jan-19 20:34:15

Congratulations! So pleased it worked x

Pass1818 Thu 24-Jan-19 21:14:14

Thats a fantastic number. Congratulations x

Rememberallball Thu 24-Jan-19 21:21:53

Excellent figure, @AmyK18. My hCG yesterday, (7dp5dt) was 99 and my consultant said that was very high for so early and, if I managed to get a blood test done tomorrow, he would 3xpect it to be around 200 based on yesterday’s figure!!

AmyK18 Fri 25-Jan-19 05:43:41

Oh congrats that’s great!! Do you have any symptoms?
I am finding it very difficult to wait to Monday I wish there was a home preg test that measured your hcg levels.. Does anyone know of anything like that? The one that measures how many weeks you are is all I can think of but can’t exactly take those everyday!

FingersXssd83 Fri 25-Jan-19 07:13:59

Congratulations @AmyK18! Is this your first go? Did you have many symptoms leading up to your BFP? I'm currently in the TWW (OTD 4 Feb) and freaking out as I have little to no symptoms after a double 5DT!

AmyK18 Fri 25-Jan-19 16:55:39

Hello, I had a bit of cramping or twinging in lower tummy right at the end but only a little bit. Other symptoms like sore breasts are due to prontogest. To be honest it’s quite hard to tell what symptoms are real and what are caused by all the drugs/hormones so it’s not good to read to much into it although of course thats all you do isn’t it?!

UnDeadPool Fri 25-Jan-19 17:53:44

Cramping and twinging is completely normal in the first trimester. I know it’s easy to say but try not to worry x

Rememberallball Fri 25-Jan-19 20:29:09

@AmyK18, there is a blood test you can buy from a company called Medicheck (I think) but they are £49 each and take 2 days for the results to come back as you have to prick your finger and then send off the thing to them to analyse!!

AmyK18 Sun 27-Jan-19 09:37:27

@Rememberallball thank you that’s good to know!

@FingersXssd83 how are you feeling?

I have been worrying all weekend about my hcg numbers and if they are going up as they should, am very nervous about my blood test tomorrow. I really don’t have many symptoms, am 13dpt. Is that normal?
Tying to stay positive eek!

slappinthebass Sun 27-Jan-19 09:45:03

Congratulations! I was pretty sure you were pregnant from your OP but didn't want to get your hopes up if you weren't. No symptoms is totally normal, mine kicked in between 6 and 8 weeks (extreme morning sickness) some people don't have any symptoms at all.

FingersXssd83 Sun 27-Jan-19 10:01:38

@AmyK18 if you have HCG there it's more likely than not to be increasing than decreasing. Have you done another test?

I think I'm out. Had no symptoms other than a few twinges in my lower back coccyx on Friday which my DH looked up as referrer pain from uterus (it is) so got my hopes up but that's totally stopped now. Perhaps boobs feel a little bigger but no pain.

It's agonising this wait. I'm not going to test until next Sat so have an awful week in store!

AmyK18 Sun 27-Jan-19 14:56:20

I have taken a digital test on Friday and this morning, both said 2-3 weeks. So if I’m 13 days past transfer with a 5 day embryo, that makes 18 days which I guess is about right. I was hoping it would say 3+ this morning to get a bit of reassurance. I worry about everything if I go to the loo and have to push a bit (sorry tmi), or if I get too hot or too cold or if I sneeze!! IVF turns you into a complete nutcase.
Thing is we had such a shite time with our two cycles basically everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. So my brain has been conditioned to expect the worse and it’s very hard to break the habit.

@FingersXssd83 it is very early to be having symptoms yet so try not to read too much into that but I was/am exactly the same so I get it. X

Did anyone get the Metallica taste and if so when?

Rememberallball Sun 27-Jan-19 21:46:24

Hi @AmyK18; you’re 2 days ahead of me - I had 2x 5day blasts transferred on the 16th and and 11dpt today - just said to DH I can’t believe it’s been that long already. I would have been due af yesterday or today and was a bit worried I would wake up to it today - but, thankfully, I didn’t. I did take my first hpt’s as. I did an in which had an ok line and one of the CB +/- ones (which was 2 years out of date - from when I did a fertility study for CB) and showed a good +; these put my mind at ease and then I got a pack of digital tests as well as a pack of FRER - don’t you just love peeing on a stick or 3!! Will do a digital tomorrow morning before I go to the Dr’s.

Also went to see DSS, his DF and their kids for first time since we got back from Cyprus. They told us they are also expecting and are about 4 days ahead of us based on her last period. This will be fun!!

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