What to expect from first appointment for ICSI?

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Bump2be Mon 21-Jan-19 21:03:22


I'm heading to hospital tomorrow for the first appointment on our journey for ICSI. It's my first appointment but one of many so far, as DH has had many SA and after some changes, we now have samples in the freezer, ready to roll but with only ICSI as a viable option due to the low number (motility is surprisingly good but we still haven't conceived naturally). Could I ask for some advice please on what to expect? I haven't had any blood tests yet, no internals, nothing. It feels a bit strange that it's all been about DH so far, and while I know what ICSI involves further down the track, I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow. How much do they do on the first appointment?

Thank you!

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Hopeful16 Mon 21-Jan-19 21:33:20

Our first appointment was purely talking and paperwork. Or have you already done all that? They need you to sign loads of legal stuff about rights to use "stuff" if anything happens to either of you and stuff for funding.

Following that I had blood tests and a scan (all scans are internal so be prepared). The ICSI side of it makes absolutely no difference to you just what they do behind the scenes so to speak.

Bump2be Mon 21-Jan-19 22:08:21

Thank you - I've assumed I'm heading for a blood test either tomorrow or later in the week. I've read about the scans, so yes, I'm braced for that! I'm playing catch-up now that DH is all done with the frozen samples. Just hoping I have eggs left but the tests will show that soon enough.

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Hopeful16 Tue 22-Jan-19 15:47:12

Just don't get bogged down with numbers- they will go down from collection as the days go by. Remember that you actually only need one.

We started with 12 but ended up with 4 five day blastocysts. We implanted 2 in a fresh cycle and had our little girl and froze 2 which we used in a frozen cycle and have an eight week old boy.

Fingers crossed for you. Please ask if you have any questions and I'll help if I can.

Bump2be Fri 22-Feb-19 23:05:41

Thanks Hopeful for your advice the other week. It really helped when I was surprised with an internal ultrasound! So much easier than I thought it'd be. My numbers seem fine for my age - not great on the scale of things but fine for my age, it's partly my choice to have started trying later than many do, but we've lost 2 years due to low sperm count and possibly some issues with me. Next up are my blood results (I'm sure the clinic would've called the other week if there was a huge problem) and then we start ICSI March/April hopefully. One thing I'm not sure on is whether we have to do anything ourselves on the CCG money side of things, or if it all happens in the background. Does that bit start once we've signed all the consents (that'll be March) or is it already done by that stage to make sure the money is in place before the main consultations start?

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Hopeful16 Sat 23-Feb-19 01:01:47

I was older too so don't be put off by that either- was 41 when I had DD and 43 when I've just had DS. We had to opt for the ICSI as DH has issues with sperm- higher than average count but over half are not properly formed and were, for want of better terminology, getting in the way of the formed ones and preventing fertilisation.

We were funded by NHS for the first round and once we'd filled in the paperwork with a nurse consultant we met with the big cheese consultant who read all my notes (checked I'd lost the half a stone to bring my BMI into the parameters) and gave us the green light. We didn't do anymore: the drugs were delivered by courier and further appointments given. This funding included the first year of embryo storage. We stored for a further part of a year which is relatively cheap to do at around £350. If I remember correctly you have to pay a prescription charge for your drugs ie £8whatever per prescription.

The second frozen round we paid for - which is obviously cheaper as no egg collection procedures. After the consultations we were just asked to "pop to the finance office" all a little bit strange feeling but as you can pay by cash or card just like any other "purchase" and they issue a prescription and the drugs company phones up for card payment and to arrange delivery. I found with this cycle I had to keep track of what drugs I had and what I needed a bit more so I didn't run out or end up with loads left that we'd paid for - we did seem to have a few things surplus from the first round.

I'm not sure if I've answered your question now after all of my rambling- if not shout up!!!

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