IVF - transfer time!

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highheelsandheadheldhigh Sun 20-Jan-19 21:50:17

I'm patently waiting for Day 1 of my cycle so I can prepare for my transfer. First cycle, old one embryo successful which is waiting in the freezer. I'm nervous, excited and terrified all at the same time. I'm desperately optimistic that it will, but know that it might not. I'm all a bit overwhelmed at what happens next?
After transfer can I test at home after the 2ww or do I go into the clinic for bloods? How do you cope if it fails ?
If it fails can I start stims on that period or do I need to wait for the next one?

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JeNeBaguetteRien Sun 20-Jan-19 23:43:44

Good luck!
Some people test early at home, some wait til official test date.
My clinic told me to come in for a blood test then wait 3 hours for a phone call. There was no way in hell I would've gone there without having pissed on a stick first.
As it happens I started to bleed before test date.

I hope it works for you.
I had booked test date off work, it would be lovely to let happy news sink in but equally if it's not good news you might be glad of the day off.

Have you got a partner? If it fails bear in mind you may not react the same way even though you're going through the same process of loss, but you will get through it even though it might not feel like it at the time. Hope you don't need this particular advice!

DameSylvieKrin Mon 21-Jan-19 02:59:56

Good luck!
You always have to sit out at least one cycle in between, my clinic recommended 3.

AniSL Mon 21-Jan-19 06:49:37

We waited 3 cycles before our FET, had it done on Thursday. Oues were 5 day blasts so we can blood test pn day 9 and urine test on day 11. Implantation is actually complete on day 5 after transfer and placenta cells start forming and HcG released from day 6, tiny amounts.

sandgrown Mon 21-Jan-19 06:53:47

Good luck to you all x

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