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Cheryllouise Sat 19-Jan-19 11:33:42

Hi, I am new to this site and also to IVF. I have been recommended to go to Spain for IVF. I have been looking at clinics; IVF-Spain and also Instituto Bernabeu, both in Alicante. Can anyone give any advice on either of theses clinics please? Thanks

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missmarry Fri 08-Feb-19 21:21:50

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streatham1 Thu 09-May-19 11:40:46

Hi, does anyone have any advice on this as i am too looking at these clinics and IVI spain. I have heard IVI can be a bit impersonal? Any advice or recommendations gratefully received please!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 13-May-19 21:24:36

We used ivi Madrid

Cutesbabasmummy Tue 14-May-19 10:03:46

IVI Alicante was lovely and very friendly. We have a 4 year old son via donor egg and we would highly recommend them.

streatham1 Tue 14-May-19 11:41:55

IVI does tend to get the best reviews, do you think it matters which clinic? Barcelona seems good too. What made you chose IVI? Did you look at any others?

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 14-May-19 12:43:50

Honestly ? I’m a maternity nanny and two of my clients went there and obv sucessful as I looked after their newborns

They had lots of money and researched many clinics and they both chose ivi Madrid

So I did

Had 2 crap failed cycles in uk so through let’s try abroad. Cheaper and better technology imo


streatham1 Thu 16-May-19 16:18:04

Would you recommend ivi madrid over barcelona ? or don't you think it matters which one? @blondeshavemorefun did you have a successful cycle there too?

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 16-May-19 22:08:18

I don’t think it matters tbh. And there’s an ivi in London now as well

But yes was successful but not first try

Had 3rd fresh - 2 were in uk - and though 3rd failed , due to extra higher dose of drugs and icsi (uk didn’t do as apparently df sperm was very good so no need ........) I had 6 to freeze

I do think abroad have better technology and freezing techniques - let alone cheaper then uk. Often half price

4th fet failed / 5 left
5th worked - 3 left as one didn’t defrost well

streatham1 Mon 20-May-19 16:57:45

IVI looks the same price as UK these days....... apparently the UK clinic doesn't get as good results, so definitely want to go to Spain. Did you use their UK for your scans etc or did you go there for the full treatment?

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 20-May-19 19:52:04

No I scanned locally at a lovely clinic who sent scans etc to ivi

And got bloods etc done privately and again gp sent them to ivi

And I missed your reply about ivi being impersonal

They weren’t. They were lovely and so attentive and caring and own personal translater each time we went

streatham1 Wed 22-May-19 10:46:49

ahh that's interesting as i have heard that they can be a bit impersonal. have you heard of ivf spain ? and institute barnebau, both of these have also been recommended. it looks like most clinics in spain come very highly rated . did you use a clinic in london for the scans ?

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 22-May-19 13:58:56

No a local one to me that does early preg scans etc

I’m south east and the care clinic I used were imo naff

But df and I didnf know any diff and at the time thought was good

Wasn’t till we went to ivi for our 3rd cycle and saw the diff

Emails or any queries we had answered quickly by our personal translater

And even 2yrs on shes quick. I sent a pic of Dd 2nd bday and said thank you again for making dreams come true and she replied few hours later saying so lovely to see a pic - also sent 1st bday and one of her born

They made us feel at ease and things like for ec - in uk I walked round from small changing room with chair to theatre in bare feet

Ivi SPAIN I was pushed on trolley to theatre with df suited and booted in blues

Uk had a chair for me to sit in after ec and et

Ivi en suite bedroom

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