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Could this just be a period?

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Mummylaura1988 Fri 18-Jan-19 21:32:22

May be a long one so apologies..

I have been under the hospital having follicle scans for the last couple of months due to secondary infertility and not ovulating properly on my own so I have been taking clomid.

I went to a follicle tracking scan yesterday whom said that the follicle I had there the week previously had ruptured and was no longer there anymore. She did a blood test to see if I had ovulated I called up today to get my results and they were 4.2 which stated I didn't ovulate. She gave me northistertone and told me to take a pregnancy test to be doubly sure I wasn't pregnant and then to start the northistertone to induce a bleed and then the clomid again. I've just been to the toilet and I'm bleeding a little?

Could this be the start of my period or maybe an implantation bleed or what? I don't know weather to take this as day 1 of my period as I need to start taking my clomid on day 2 - 6 of my cycle. The department isn't open on the weekends so I'm not really sure what to do ?

Any help muxh appreciated xx

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