Has anyone had successful IVF with a blocked tube that hasn’t been removed/clipped?

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VillageFete Sat 19-Jan-19 20:13:20

@Saltiaford Sounds similar to mine then, blocked but no fluid or anything that would hinder IVF. I’m just worried about future IVF as I won’t be having a laparoscopy again. I may ask to have it clipped to be on the safe side. Best of luck with your IVF cycle. Really hope you get your baby soon. X

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Saltisford Sat 19-Jan-19 12:06:48

@VillageFete - they found the blocked tube as part of fertility investigations. First they picked it up on a hycosy dye test and then did a laparoscopy to look more closely. They said it was a mystery as to what it’s blocked with as they can’t actually see inside the tube and that it looked normal from the outside - no scarring or swelling etc. They tried again to pass dye through but couldn’t. I asked about treating it but they referred me straight to IVF saying it would take a long time to try and unblock with waiting times etc and I asked if they’d be any long term symptoms of it and they said no. I’ve read online that having it removed still leaves some behind which can also cause problems x

VillageFete Fri 18-Jan-19 19:44:52

Oh wow @Lauren83 What a story!! How lovely that you have two boys close in age, i’m sure they’ll be best friends.
I’m a private patient so would pay for a HSG if need be, they are £400 locally to me. Expensive but within my budget. I think, as long as it won’t cause any nasty side effects/issues I will ask if clipping my tube is an option during section. Just not sure if they’d be happy to clip just the one tube for these reasons? I have an appointment with my Consultant 4 weeks before my section. Hopefully that’s enough time to get a clip organised?
Fortunately I don’t have endo, but I do have PCOS.
This pregnancy is also a spontaneous one. Fell pregnant the month after another failed FET! After 4 and a half years I was over the moon. I doubt lightening will strike twice again, which is why I want another FET when he’s 12 months old. My clinic also won’t do it until 12 months post partum.

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Lauren83 Fri 18-Jan-19 19:15:58

Thankyou! DS1 was donor egg IVF (cycle 5) and DS2 was a surprise natural when DS1 was 8 months, no idea how as had been trying 9 years. I had planned a FET when he was 1 (clinic wouldn't do it sooner due to the section)

I think if they left it at the lap knowing you were TTC then they were confident it wasn't going to cause any future issues but it may be worth trying to get an ultrasound scan nearer the time of the FET as a hydro would show and I imagine it's easier to obtain a scan than a Hycosy/HSG, I would just be keen to get it checked before the FET was planned as it would be really disappointing to find it once you were ready to transfer then have to be referred on to get it dealt with. I have stage 4 endo which makes hydro really common unfortunately

VillageFete Fri 18-Jan-19 18:57:31

@Lauren83 Congratulations! Were your boys IVF then? How old was first when you transferred the next embryo? If they were indeed IVF pregnancies.

As I say, it’s just blocked, no fluid, but i’m worried fluid could develop in it, in the future before transfer. If they won’t clip it (although i’ll ask my Consultant at my next appt) Then i’d definately want to rule any fluid issues out before transfer. Can you recommend what you think would be best? Something like a hycosy/HSG?

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Lauren83 Fri 18-Jan-19 18:37:26

Ah ok then if it was me I would try to get it clipped, I had my tube removed with hydro in 2013 before I started my 1st IVF so I would never know if it would have come back but I always think better out then in. I work in a clinic and the majority are told to get it dealt with before starting but then some don't know they have it until its too late, in some cases it can be drained at EC but you would have to see what your consultant says. Hope your section goes well and congrats on the pregnancy! I had DS by section in Jan 2018 and due DS2 this June

VillageFete Fri 18-Jan-19 18:21:11

@Lauren83 Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I didn’t explain myself clearly. My hysteroscopy/laparoscopy was back in Nov 2016. I’m now pregnant after over 4 years of trying. I want to transfer an embryo when my son is 1, but i’m wondering if there’s a chance I could develop a hydro in that time. I’m having a C section in March and can ask them to clip it? If they don’t agree then i’m wondering how else I could rule out/diagnose a hydro/fluid in tube before transfer.

@Saltisford Oh best of luck! How many eggs did you get? Can I ask, how did they diagnose the blocked tube? Do they seem to think it doesn’t need removing or clipping then?

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Saltisford Fri 18-Jan-19 17:10:35

I have a blocked yet normal looking tube - they advised me that it would look swollen if there was hydrosalphinx. Today I had my egg retrieval as part of ivf so I’ll let you know how it goes! My understanding is that originally ivf was originally designed for women with blocked tubes x

Lauren83 Fri 18-Jan-19 16:07:46

It can depend on where the blockage is as it can leave you at higher risk of ectopic and if you have a hydrosalpinx, if you do I would definitely push to have it out. If it's hydro you can more often than not pick it up on an ultrasound, I wouldn't say a HSG would be beneficial if you have just had a lap and dye

VillageFete Fri 18-Jan-19 13:55:19


Just wondering if a blocked tube, that looks “absolutely normal besides the blockage” according a laparoscopy, could prevent IVF from working?

Is it better to get it clipped/removed before embryo transfer, or maybe just have a HSG to check for fluid in it before transfer?

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