Preparing for transfer- HELP

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highheelsandheadheldhigh Thu 17-Jan-19 08:24:39

Hi all !
Currently going through my first ivf cycle (I'm 38) Had stims late November, resulted in only one suitable embryo. Transfer will be mid feb. As it's our only one, I want to give it the best possible chance. Unfortunately I am in a high stress environment both personally and professionally. I'm not overweight. Train 5/7 times per week. Have a great diet. Drink but not too excess. Can anyone give me any survival tips?

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AniSL Thu 17-Jan-19 12:04:40

Highheels I have literally just walked out of my FET, the consultant said perfect lining and uterus was nice and relaxed and bladder full enough.

The best advice I can give you is keep up your 2 litres a day as this helps develop a healthy lining, make sure you take the meds and try to relax as your uterus needs to be relaxed before the procedure. You will get lots of advice about doing this and not doing that and supplements etc. I didnt take any multi-vits as they change your bodys status quo.

highheelsandheadheldhigh Thu 17-Jan-19 12:11:53

Oh good luck !!!
I drink tonnes of water, don't take multi (never had) but will try to relax .........

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Foodie68 Fri 18-Jan-19 07:34:25

I also used to go the gym multiple times per week before my treatment started but my clinic advised me to do lower impact exercise such as swimming or walking as high intensity exercise such as running can put the body under additional stress. I also cut out alcohol and caffeine completely and drank more water. I’m now 10 weeks pregnant so maybe those things helped.
Good luck with your treatment

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