Failed laparoscopy

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AuRevoirAdios Wed 16-Jan-19 08:58:00

Went for a diagnostic laparoscopy yesterday to look for endometriosis and anything else that could be causing my years of heavy pain and bleeding and the fact I’ve never ever been pregnant.
I was sent through to theatre and when I was woken up the anaesthetic nurse explained they couldn’t do the lap as it wasn’t safe to proceed and they didn’t have the correct instruments etc.
The doctor that attempted the lap came to speak to me and said they couldn’t get the gas pressure right, they couldn’t get certain tools in etc and it wasn’t safe to carry on so the procedure was abandoned.

I’ve now been referred to an endo/lap specialist to try again, however the anaesthetic nurse mentioned a laparotomy if the laparoscopy doesn’t work. Im now confused, in very bad pain from the messing about, horribly bruised and red and have no more answers as to why I’m this way.

I was hoping the lap would give me answers and we could move on from here. Just needed a rant and to see if anyone else had had a similar experience and had the lap successfully at a later date?

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