Ovulation pain in months after miscarriage

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Pinktruffle Sun 20-Jan-19 19:23:15

I have some pain in the lead up to my period since my miscarriage, but I have had this previously too. I don't think it's anything to worry about but talk to your GP just to be on the safe side

Elkilil Wed 16-Jan-19 00:42:55

Hi ladies, I had a miscarriage around 4 months ago and my cycles have taken awhile to get back on track. I used to feel a little sick on ovulation day (temp and opk) but nothing major. This month I ovulate 4 days ago.. felt a bit sick and I’ve had cramping and lower back pain in the 3 days following. I can’t remember fully but I think I have had some cramping the previous months since the miscarriage but not for this long or strong? I just can’t believe it’s 3 days and still cramping. I never get or have gotten period pain towards my period but I assume it would be like this.
I’m going to see the dr at the end of the week, but did anyone have this problem?

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