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IVF Spain - Anyone had any experience with them?

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jemimafuddleduck Tue 15-Jan-19 21:03:38

We are considering going to IVF Spain (Alicante) for egg donation IVF. They say their success rate is 82% which seems unbelievable!

Has anyone had any experience with them? Any info gratefully received!

missmarry Fri 08-Feb-19 21:25:46

I can't share any personal experiences, as only a few friends of mine have been happy with IVF clinic from Gdansk, but I came across positive reviews on IVF Spain, and yes, cos they are one of the best clinics in Europe, they have excellent success rates.

Nidhi1307 Sat 22-Jun-19 15:19:34

Hi, did you then get IVF done from IVF Spain? We are now considering it, hence your honest remarks would be helpful.

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