FET end of Jan - join me?

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QueenOfEggs Mon 14-Jan-19 04:28:21

Hi ladies, regular poster here but name changed recently. Sorry about the name, it's not meant to be related to infertility (I'm the Captain of Egg Poaching in my household) but actually it turns out I produce tonnes of eggs, they just never stick. So maybe it is! Had a load of chemical pregnancies and an early MC after FET #1.


I'm getting ready for my third FET, and need hands to hold and ears to listen as it's a bit shit! I'm not feeling massively optimistic but obviously hope it will work.

I'm CD10 today so had my bloods and scan, lining is looking good although no dominant follicle as yet. Next bloods in two days time on Wednesday.

Anyone else out there with me?

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