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Outwards Sun 13-Jan-19 13:57:18

Hey all,

After trying for 18+months, DH and I have had all our basic fertility tests. My hormones look good, I have regular cycles and my ultrasounds show a healthy uterus, no problems (couple of small cysts but nothing that would affect conception).

My DH though has had his sperm test completed and the results say 'Borderline', with 'normal forms' of 2%, rapid progressive sperm 28% and a total count of 6.5 million.

We've got a few weeks' until we see the GP, I was just wondering if anyone with experience/knowledge knows if this is a really bad count, or if there is still any hope of us conceiving naturally?

Thanks so much in advance.

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donnas146 Sun 13-Jan-19 15:18:45

Hi op me and oh are in a similar situation, my oh has a much lower count and very low on motility. With conceiving naturally there’s no yes or no answer as I have read other couples conceiving with counts in the 100s of thousands but it isn’t really the norm. It makes it much harder when the count is under 15-20million per ml I believe. We’ve been told we probably won’t ever concieve naturally and will need ivf/icsi we have been trying for over 5 years so I doubt it will ever happen naturally for us. It is devastating but we are very fortunate now that there are ways of having our own biological children. It only takes one sperm! In tHe meantime get him on some good men’s fertility vitamins, stop smoking/alcohol if he does either. A good healthy lifestyle can improve counts over 6+months. A lot of the time causes are unknown for male factor infertility and the way forward is ivf/icsi.

Outwards Sun 13-Jan-19 15:46:43

Thanks for your reply -I'm sorry you're in a similar boat.

It's so frustrating, my DH is incredibly healthy. Never smoked, doesn't drink, healthy diet, exercises lots. I don't know what else he can do; but I've read about a few extra supplements he can try. Always worth a go.

It does only take 1 little swimmer! It's just heartbreaking to know that our chances might be quite low. You're right though, we're very lucky that there are other ways of getting some help. We've always said we'd never go down IVF/ICSI route (have seen friends get very stressed and not successful) but when it's you, suddenly you feel differently...

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ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Sun 13-Jan-19 17:23:36

I'm not sure whether it could help? Have you tried PreSeed? It's a lubricant which I think helps the environment be better for the sperm.. I'm no expert, but maybe this is worth a try?

Some info I found on-line
Pre-Seed was developed to provide an optimal environment for sperm when trying to conceive. During sexual intercourse special fluids are made by the woman’s body to support sperm on their journey through the cervix to meet the egg. Fluid volumes increase, and they become more slippery (like egg whites), with a rise in fluid pH to protect sperm. As women age, or if they have hormone imbalances, these normal fertile fluid changes don’t occur, making it difficult for the sperm to swim through the cervix.
Common lubricants damage sperm because they have the wrong pH and are not “isotonic,” meaning they have high salt or ion levels that dehydrate sperm and stop them from swimming. Even saliva and water can kill sperm and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive.
● First vaginal lubricant allowed to state "safe for use" by couples while trying to conceive
● Does not harm sperm or interfere with fertilisation and embryo development
● Allows sperm to move freely
● Isotonic and pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids
● Developed by doctors
● Used in fertility clinics

abbsisspartacus Sun 13-Jan-19 17:27:18

I've had two children with a man who's sperm count was negligible it can happen naturally don't lose hope xx

Mistymeow Mon 14-Jan-19 11:26:43

We managed to conceive naturally with DH's sperm count being at 3 million. Unfortunately it ended in miscarriage but the fact we conceived at all was very encouraging (he has low everything in terms of motility, morphology etc.) We will be having our first ICSI cycle shortly. I would say it's not impossible for you to get pregnant naturally but aim for the ICSI if you can (you could go to a few open days at clinics to find out more about it). I would also recommend your partner makes sure he wears loose boxers and takes zinc and vitamin d- all good for healthy sperm production. Then get a repeat analysis in a few months to see if it's made a difference.

Outwards Mon 14-Jan-19 11:46:20

Thank you so much for the all the advice given, it's much appreciated and I'm feeling more positive.

Misty, so sorry for your loss & best of luck for your ICSI cycle - from the research I've seen it's got such a good success rate & definitely going to bring it up with the GP & hope we can get the ball rolling.

Thanks again x

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Mistymeow Tue 15-Jan-19 15:47:25

Thank you @outwards we are hopeful, but realistic. Wishing you all the best on your journey- definitely book in with the GP and have a chat.

ckc45d10 Wed 16-Jan-19 17:42:35

There is also a some research on CoQ10 and sperm motility and concentration. Not sure if this is something you looked into yet. When you visit with your GP, you can ask about this. And, a water and fat-soluble form absorbs better. Good luck!!

Spargle Sun 20-Jan-19 15:08:51

@Outwards we were trying for 15 months. After 6 months we were referred for tests. Mine were fine, but his came back 2% morphology, 0% fast swimmers, 35% slow swimmers. Good count - 113 million.

He started talking Fertilsan M (seemed like the most comprehensive supplement for the best price - you need a 3-month course for starters, as that’s how long sperm take to mature; then you need to maintain it as long as you’re trying), plus 200mg of Co-Q10 (Tesco is cheapest for their 100mg capsules on 3 for 2) every day.

7 months later we conceived naturally. We were starting the IVF treatment route, and I’d just had the HSG test, which might have helped (although my tubes were already clear. But maybe not quite clear enough for his poor swimmers?). It was unexpected - the doctor wouldn’t tell us his new semen analysis results (still annoyed about that) and I’ve not pursued it, but I’m now nearly 19 weeks pregnant.

So I, personally, would recommend you both take supplements (the same Co-Q10 for you, plus fish oil for both, plus prenatal vitamins and evening primrose oil if you need help with your CM for you).

Oh! And I charted my cycles carefully. When we conceived I was having very good peak CM, which probably also helped.

AniSL Sun 20-Jan-19 17:25:15

My DH is completely azoospermic, not even one little swimmer in any sample, consultant said no chance ever of a biological child for DH. I have 2 5 day blasts on board of mine and DH biological potential children

bluebird3 Tue 22-Jan-19 22:14:50

Hi OP. My dh has a very similar count and we were told the only way forward was icsi. We had no other known fertility problems. Three failed icsis later they decided to take a closer look at me and found I was hypothyroid. Three months after taking meds for my thyroid I fell naturally. I had also stared taking ubiquinol and cut out loads of chemicals in toiletries and cleaning products. Fertility has been described to me as not one thing not being right but usually a number of smaller things that on their own might not be an issue but too many and there is a tipping point between fertility and infertility. My advice would be to make sure they don't focus on your dh's sperm count and nothing else, make sure they look at you as well. See what you can do to try and tip the scale in your direction. Good luck. thanks

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