Doctors apt when you and your partner are at different GP surgery's

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AniSL Fri 11-Jan-19 19:27:58

They did two test 3 months apart because first one had no sperm in the fluid, it has to be 3 months apart because sperm cycle is about 70 days so they needed another sample. Second one confirmed complete azoopermia.

lavenderlove Fri 11-Jan-19 18:51:48

Thank you all for your replies. Good to know that it can work if you're both at separate GP's.
@AniSL I didn't know they would do 2 tests 3 months apart, seems like such a long process it's a bit overwhelming!!

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CornishMaid1 Thu 10-Jan-19 13:56:11

We were at different surgeries originally.

I went to see my GP first, as it works from the woman side first. My GP ran all the tests and said she could do the referral to the fertility clinic, but needed DH to have a sperm test.

He spoke to his GP and they did that test. They gave him a copy of the results which I gave to my GP to put with the referral letter, so it wasn't a problem.

AniSL Thu 10-Jan-19 07:39:15

We were in this situation, DH went to his GP who sent him for 2 separate semen samples 3 months apart, at the same time my GP did my 21 day blood tests. When DH was confirmed azoospermic his GP referred to a urologist whilst mine referred me to the fertility consultant, it was at the fertility consultants appointment that we were both told to attend and fill in the questionnaires and provide consent for both our records to be viewed.
Basically the GP does the initial referrals and the fertility consultants do eveything else. If DH has MFI then its an instant referral, otherwise the referral rests with the female partners GP.
We had no issues being at separate GP surgeries.

CritterTamer Thu 10-Jan-19 03:05:54

Hi @Lavenderlove - yes I've been in this situation and my surgery advised us strongly to get my DH registered there too so that all test and fertility clinic referrals could be done together.

lavenderlove Wed 09-Jan-19 17:58:48

@donnas146 thank you for your reply. I think I may go with my husband to his appointment then and see what they say. I don't think either of the surgeries is taking on new patients which is a bit of a pain x

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donnas146 Wed 09-Jan-19 17:16:04

Hiya I’m not quite sure if you have to be at the same doctors but I would recommend it one of you going to the others as I know you both have to ha e been to the doctors for tests to get referred to an infertility clinic would think it will just be easier if you are at just one x


lavenderlove Wed 09-Jan-19 17:05:12

Hi wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking to book a docs appointment for February to discuss fertility. Me and my DH are at different doctors surgeries, would this matter? And what actually happens? Would they refer us both for tests? Thank you

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