How long to take DHEA

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Dia12 Thu 03-Jan-19 13:41:57

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone experienced with DHEA could help. I started taking 25mg 3x day in November so it’s been about 8 weeks now. I’ve had some mild acne and greasy hair but haven’t really felt any other side effects.
I started the DHEA tentatively after my 2nd failed icsi cycle - it hasn’t been recommended by my clinic but the consultant didn’t think it would cause any harm and from what I’ve read about it I thought it would be worth taking it.

I am planning on having private blood test to check my DHEA and testosterone levels but besides this what is the usual time frame for taking DHEA?

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mowglik Fri 04-Jan-19 22:09:18

I think it’s usually recommended to take for a minimum of 3 months to have a positive effect on egg quality.

I had taken DHEA for 1.5 months when I fell pregnant naturally for the first time in 3 years. May have been coincidence but I am taking it again since that pregnancy ended in miscarriage

Good luck with it flowers

hoping2018 Sun 06-Jan-19 13:27:38

I also thought they said 3 months.

My clinic recommended it - I took it after my first ivf bfn (quality issues) but didn't want to delay another cycle (reduced ovarian reserve) because of it and just cracked on to next cycle. Baby is due any day now (we changed lots of things so I'm not giving the one month of DHEA the credit!)

mommybear1 Sun 06-Jan-19 19:43:22

I think the recommended time is three months we were recommended it by our ivf clinic in January for our next ivf cycle in March I started taking it in the second week of January and fell pregnant naturally in February grin. I'm taking it again now as we are ttc again.

Dia12 Sun 06-Jan-19 20:12:25

Thank you for the replies ladies, you’ve all got lovely happy endings which gives me some hope. It seems 3 months is the most common time frame for taking this although I’ve read some people have taken DHEA for longer.
I’m just a bit jittery about it because I’m not under any medical supervision. I did get a natural BFP (first time round ever!!) after 4 weeks of taking this but that sadly ended in CP. Will hopefully continue with DHEA for another month and see what happens, really hoping we don’t have go back to another ICSI cycle 🤞

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struggleisreal Mon 07-Jan-19 08:54:56

This is really interesting - we are embarking on our third round of IVF in March so hoping DHEA could help. Where do you buy it from?

Dia12 Mon 07-Jan-19 09:51:42

I’ve bought the micronised version from as I believe the micronised version is better absorbed.
It’s also available from biovea too.
Have you had a chat with the clinic about starting this?

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struggleisreal Mon 07-Jan-19 10:26:38

Thanks @dia12 - that is really helpful. How much do you take a day? I have my follow up appointment with our consultant this afternoon so I am going to ask what he thinks.

Dia12 Mon 07-Jan-19 10:42:29

You’re welcome. I take 25mg x3/day with food. I haven’t really felt any side effects the only obvious one seems to be greasy hair. Now whether or not it’s making a difference, I really can’t tell yet but I am hopeful and right now it feels like it’s the only thing left to try.
Good luck with your consultation, hope it’s helpful for you.

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Fire48shoes Thu 25-Apr-19 17:59:01

Just wanted to jump on this thread because I’ve just started taking 25mg of dhea 3x a day. I waited to get my blood test results back and my testosterone was normal but perhaps more on the lower side. I just wanted to be sure I was defo not pcos before embarking on this dhea thing. Iv had one miscarriage and it took months to get my period back. From my research into ‘it starts with the egg’ I’ve also read about melatonin and may inositol but and reluctant to add any more supplements to the mix just now. Am taking 100 mg of ubiquinol 3x a day which seems to have had no side effects. The dhea IS making me very spotty! Acne all over my chin!

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