AMH testing, and how best to prepare for ICSI?

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DotingDaisy Wed 02-Jan-19 21:26:59

Mixed messages about the AMH then! Think I'll look into getting it done anyway, at least then it's done and not having it won't hold things up.

Blondie we are right at the start of our IVF journey, so no idea yet about timings of cycles. Will be looking up about inflammatory markers now though! I'm sure DP will just think I'm ducking out of running!!

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physicskate Wed 02-Jan-19 19:18:12

I never had my amh tested before my ivf cycle. Some consultants want it and others don't. Ask your clinic if they want it.

Wesstywoo Wed 02-Jan-19 17:51:46

Hi @DotingDaisy you will definitely need an AMH test - it's an indicator for egg reserve and therefore what protocol/dose of drugs you will need for IVF/ICSI. Your GP won't do it but if you can get referred to NHS infertility clinic they will do it, otherwise it's about £90 privately

Blondiecub0109 Wed 02-Jan-19 17:41:52

Vit D and folic acid for you, but that’s standard for TTC. For our first fresh and frozen transfers we both did no alcohol, I took a long list of supplements etc. third attempt (second FET) we were actually on a break from IVF ... I self referred for recurrent miscarriage testing and at the endometrial scratch they advised me just to press on with an FET as more receptive after a scratch. So I hadn’t really done/taken anything .... guess which embie stuck and is due in Feb hmm

I tried to encourage my partner to clean up diet etc all through the process but I think due to a spot of feeling low (going down this route due to low count, probably as a result of adolescent mumps) he didn’t take it as seriously as I’d hoped. His view was well ICSi picks the best anyway so why bother.

As for the marathon, how does it fit with your scheduled cycles? Personally ( having done 5 marathons) I wouldn’t train for a marathon around IVF time due to do a) boyhnare incredibly stressful b) if your taking the drugs/ injections, I got very bloated c) I’m a bit confused about inflammation markers but that’s my own personal foible due to losses - do your own research on that. I can also totally appreciate wanting to move forward with your life whilst you are going through fertility treatment.

Really sorry I can’t remember about the AMH but can reassure that once successful you forget all the shit it took to get there very very quickly.

Very best wishes to you.

DotingDaisy Wed 02-Jan-19 17:25:38

Re AMH testing - do I need this test, and if so, will my GP do it?

(I'm almost 40, LH and FSH both raised, previous diagnosis of PCOS about 10 years ago)

Also, DP and I are likely to be starting IVF/ICSI in the Spring.

What do I need to do to prepare for it?!

My weight is ok, I'm fit (ish!), my diet is reasonable but could probably be improved. Should I be taking vitamins/supplements? How much exercise is ok? I'm meant to be running a marathon in May but obviously won't if it's likely to affect our chances.

What does DP need to do?!

I feel completely out of my depth. He has been through this before with a previous partner but it wasn't successful so I don't want to ask him too many questions or sound completely clueless! Sorry if that means I ask loads of questions here!

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