What next - OI, IUI or IVF?

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LuciaSpain Wed 02-Jan-19 10:32:02

Hi there, I'm hoping some of you may have some experience or opinions you might share.

I've secondary infertility, 38, all tests are clear/normal but no joy. I've had Clomid 50mg that moved to 100mg, still no joy. Myself I feel it could be my age, I conceived DD easily at 34. I had a missed miscarriage in 2017 but no other conception.

I now have a set of options in front of me. Ovulation Induction with Clomid and FSH trigger (OI), IUI or IVF.

I'm not sure I'm ready for IVF yet, mentally or emotionally. I like the idea of the OI because it gives you a window to dtd but then I think we can't have got the timing so wrong in the past 3 or so years. DH's sperm tested normally so I'm not sure IUI will help either.

I'd really appreciate any opinions or experiences.

Thank you so much for reading.

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LittleBot178 Wed 02-Jan-19 19:42:45

I am in a similar situation but just turned 37, and have been advised to move straight to IVF due to my age. Success rates are still good at 38 but decline rapidly after so IVF is what I would lean towards in your position to be completely honest.

LuciaSpain Fri 04-Jan-19 10:31:39

Thank you for your reply LittleBot, I think the clinic are pushing that way also. In one way I think I am afraid if IVF doesn't work that that's that really.

Where I am it's five thousand each time, IUI is one thousand or so.

I need to think it through some more.

I wish you every success on your journey too.. x

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