Second time round....

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iwillbemummy Mon 31-Dec-18 23:11:03

Firstly, just want to say how much I hope you all get your BFP’s in 2019 and happy new year to you all!!

I was so lucky last year to have our first BFP after our first round of ICSI and we had a beautiful baby boy in October 2017. I know how awfully lucky we have been. We were lucky to have a good number of good quality blastocysts to freeze, and are now planning to use one of those to hopefully have a second child.

We have FET booked to start January 4th and just wanted to know how you felt going into your second round? It feels like there’s less pressure as we have already been blessed once, however there is more pressure as financially it’s quite a cost and we want it to work. I also feel less prepared for it, as having a 15 month old I don’t have the time I had previously to over think things. Feels like I’m not giving it all my attention like I did last time. Anyone else feel like this? Is this normal?

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