2nd FET, advised to defrost smallest Embroy next?

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PostiveThinkingRainbow Sat 29-Dec-18 19:29:46

Hello Ladies,
Have you always used your largest embryo?

Our first FET ended as a chemical pregnancy, we had 4 embryos,
1x4aa which we used in the first round 1x3aa and 2x early blastocysts left
We are now moving towards our 2nd FET, Our clinic has advised that instead of using the next biggest embryo the 3aa, they want to warm up one of the early blastocysts a day earlier to see how it develops overnight. If it does not survive or grow overnight then plan b is to warm up the 3bb.

Has anyone else been advised to do this and did you have any success with the smaller embroy?

Would love to hear, many thanks xxx

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