IVF after recurrent miscarriage

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WeeCrumb Wed 26-Dec-18 22:21:17

Hi, I can’t seem to find a similar post so I’m starting a new thread.

I’ve had five miscarriages in the last 2.5 years and my partner wants to try IVF. Three of our pregnancies weren’t tested, one was due to a genetic issue and another was in the second trimester but there were no results from genetic screening because the tissue sample was poor quality. The post-mortem showed no problems with our son.

Our local NHS fertility clinic believed there was an underlying clotting factor due to the pattern of losses and the private tests I had seemed to back this up. I’ve had Chicago tests showing I have a PAI-1 mutation and I also have an MTHFR mutation so would be treated with aspirin and heparin in a future pregnancy. Possibly prednisolone but I didn’t respond well to it recently (when used for a separate issue). My NK cells were at the low end of abnormal but a repeat test showed they were normal.

Last year my partner tested positive for high sperm DNA frag and has worked hard to lower this so it’s no longer a problem (according to private clinic), but since our fifth loss he’s more comfortable with the idea of IVF as he feels there’s an increased chance of growing our family this way. That’s what one of the fertility clinics said anyway but I know there are no guarantees.

We already have a DC together and I’m happy as a family of three, but I have this nagging feeling that I need to reconsider. I feel like I need to do what I can, to do everything in my power to try, so at least then I can say I left no stone unturned.

This is quite hard for me to think about as the last few years have been brutal. Especially with the loss of our son. So I suppose I’m looking for success stories from those who have found IVF successful after repeat losses. Then maybe I’ll feel more able to take some steps to look into it further.

Thanks for reading smile

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WeeCrumb Fri 28-Dec-18 00:31:59

Hi, I should have said that the suggestion of IVF was based on having ICSI and aCGH to rule out another loss due to genetic issues, but the more I read about recurrent loss the more I’m convinced it’s unlikely there have been genetic issues each time. Is there another thread that might help me explore ICSI and aCGH? Or could someone share their own experience?

Thanks again smile

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BottomleyPottsSpots2 Fri 28-Dec-18 23:57:07

I've just had a freeze-all cycle to have PGS - I've had 5 miscarriages but also successful pregnancies. I'm not a success story (yet) but would happily chat to you about the process. I went with day 5 NGS testing as it is most accurate. I'm waiting for get our PGS results back in mid-January (we sent off 6 blast biopsies for testing).

WeeCrumb Sat 29-Dec-18 00:58:54

@BottomleyPottsSpots2 thank you for sharing. What encouraged you to try PGS and if you don’t mind sharing what clinic are you with? I’d be interested in understanding the process. I have some understanding of IVF but appreciate it’s different when it comes to ICSI and PGS.

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BottomleyPottsSpots2 Sat 29-Dec-18 01:13:46

No problem ;) I'm with the Evewell in London (relatively new clinic just opened by Colin Davis and his team). We were planning to use ICSI as the morphology of DH's sperm has been variable, but in the event we just used straight IVF to fertilise. It felt odd (and pretty sad!) to know that we weren't putting anything back this cycle but just freezing the embryos instead. The PGS is because of the recurrent losses - we've never had an explanation although my new consultant thinks I have undiagnosed antiphospholipid syndrome so is also medicating me for that. I'm 35 so just at the age where egg quality starts to dip as well ... I guess I just feel desperate to try and minimise the chance of further losses (I'm sure you can relate to that!). I'm so sorry for your losses by the way, it's just brutal isn't it? x

WeeCrumb Sat 29-Dec-18 10:39:52

Yes increasing our chances of success is why ICSI and PGS appeals to us too. I’m told time and again that our daughter is our best guide to the future but I carried her five years ago, bodies change and five losses isn’t normal so I think our decisions need to get based on recent events. And I turn 35 in February so my age is becoming a factor in our decision making too. Hope you get some positive results in a few weeks and wishing you all the best for a successful pregnancy x

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BottomleyPottsSpots2 Sun 11-Aug-19 00:04:26

Hi @weecrumb, how are you doing? I was just following up threads I'd posted on and wanted to update that the PGS came back with 4 euploid embryos. I'm now 29 weeks pregnant with the first FET we did. Did you go ahead with PGS yourself? x

CurlyTwirlyTwos Mon 12-Aug-19 00:27:33

Hi @weecrumb and @BottomlyPottsSpot2 - I hope you don't mind me jumping on the thread.

I've also had recurrent mc (4 between 6 - 11 weeks) with 1 TFMR at 13 weeks in the last 2 years. No reasons found, no pattern either - all have been different. I have a 4 year old DD, who was conceived totally normally with no issues. Like you @WeeCrumb it's been pretty brutal, and totally unexpected after uneventful conception and pregnancy 1st time round.

After some soul searching we've decided to go for IVF with PGS. I have just turned 36 and feel that I can't waste time. We had our consultation and last week signed all of the consent forms. We are paying privately.

I have managed to stay away from researching/reading too much on IVF or people's experiences, but I'm having a sleepless night and I've peeked at the infertility boards.

Congratulations @BottomleyPottsSpots2 on successful pregnancy!!

I don't know why I'm posting - is there any advice or tips you don't mind sharing? I'm very, very nervous of this. Petrified it won't 'work' - their seem to be so many hurdles and hoops to get through before I can even think of a successful pregnancy!

How do you manage emotions and nerves? Do the drugs/hormones make you loopy?

I feel like I've had enough early pregnancy stress to manage, but doubts are starting to creep in tonight!

Any info or insights would be so helpful!

Signing off a desperate/crazy/sleepless woman!

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