Testing 5dp5dt

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Ts174 Thu 20-Dec-18 14:39:27

Hi everyone.

I promised myself I wouldn't be one of these mad women that obsesses over every little thing during our cycle but here I am!

I had my trigger shot on 8/12/18 at 9pm, EC 10/12/18 and a single blastocyst graded 4ab put back at 5 days on 15/12/18.

OTD turns out to be Xmas Day so we decided we would actually do it Xmas Eve as it will still be 2 weeks from EC and will mean do damage on limitation on Christmas Day since we are hosting and our family don't know.

After collection I was horribly bloated and sore for around a week but now it has gone down and I don't have any symptoms apart from the odd twinge (strangely some in the vagina area) and a dull back ache. No sore boobs, no sickness, just feel completely normal even though I am on Crinine progesterone gela (vile things).

Yesterday out of nowhere I had a total melt down and couldn't stop crying. I've been completely fine up until then but all day I felt so negative and depressed that when I woke up I decided I'm going to test every day, as waiting 1 day every day is less stressful than waiting out the full time. I've convinced myself rightly or wrongly that it'll make it more bearable as if it's negative I can hold out for a positive, and if it's positive I can hope and pray it sticks around.

Anyway I did a test and I think I got a faint positive so I tested again on a different brand and same again.

Forgot to mention that the day before my transfer I did a test to see if it would come back positive because of the Ovitrelle trigger (never had one before and was curious to see how quickly it would come up since I had HCG in my system) and it was negative so assumed the HCG had left my system after 7 days...either that or the test was a dud.

Pics attached. Can I get your realistic opinions please as I know it's too early really. Looking for a reality check or some real life examples of people testing this early, getting a result like this and it actually going on to be a positive on OTD?

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TheArtfulScreamer Thu 20-Dec-18 15:04:22

Mine at 6dp5dt looked very similar to your pink dye test (for some reason it won't load the photo) and I'm currently 27+4, at the time I wasn't sure if it was the trigger or not as I'd not tested the trigger out but I did another test at 9dp5dt and that was a stronger positive so I was hopeful and thankfully our little embryo continued to develop. I'd say it's looking promising for you however at this stage embryos can secrete HCG but still don't necessarily implant so I'd be cautious of raising my hopes to high until OTD.

TheArtfulScreamer Thu 20-Dec-18 15:07:43

A bit of perseverance and it's let me post the picture for your comparison. Fingers crossed yours sticks xx

Ts174 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:18:09

Thank you for your reply, and for your honesty. T
Your photo really does look similar so can only keep my fingers crossed x

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Hermones1 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:50:45

Defo a line!

Ts174 Sat 22-Dec-18 11:22:37

This is today: 7dp5dt and 14 days after trigger shot. Too cautious to be happy! Thoughts?

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welshweasel Sat 22-Dec-18 11:24:53

Definitely pregnant! Congratulations. Early days of course but certainly for now it’s good news. Both my positive cycles I got a bfp 5dp5dt.


physicskate Sat 22-Dec-18 12:44:11

Definitely pregnant!! I had the same - a huge breakdown 4dp5dt and then had my first positive (albeit faint) 5dp5dt! I was cautious it was trigger. It wasn't. And the digital aren't sensitive enough to pick up trigger after so long either!!

A huge (and cautious) congratulations!! Today, you are pregnant!!!

Ts174 Sun 23-Dec-18 16:53:05

Thank you for your replies!! I've been a bit worried as the superdrug tests don't seem to be getting much darker but after looking at images of them on Google it seems a lot of people have faint lines with them. Anyone have any experience with them?
Also, I just did this test today with a clear blue, at 4pm and I think it looks like a decent strong line. So hope everything works out!

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physicskate Sun 23-Dec-18 16:55:07

Stop testing. This way lies madness... Congrats!!!

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