42 and just failed first IVF/ICSI

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Russkispy Thu 20-Dec-18 08:34:12

Hi there, I'm 42 and just failed my first IVF/ICSI. I had a stimulated IVF starting my stims on cd5. Had 7 follicles, retrieved 5 eggs, 3 mature. And sadly only 1 fertilised which was transferred on day 4. Was taking progesterone straight after ET. My OTD was 17/12 and it was BFN and AF arrived next day. Now trying to work out what to do next. Had my IVF back home (abroad). I had a DD of 18 months conceived with IUI at the same clinic. I tried another IUI in May this year but ended in a missed miscarriage. Had 2 more IUIs but all BFN. Then moved onto IVF.
Are there any ladies around the same age or in their 40s starting IVF? Going through it? Finished it? Would like to hear your stories and hopefully there are positive stories too.

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physicskate Fri 21-Dec-18 06:54:10

Oh Russ I'm sorry to hear that. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you!! Can't believe you LO is 18 months!!!

Letsdothis43 Mon 24-Dec-18 04:13:41

So sorry to hear that @Russ you were on a short Protocol right? I know you from the other thread (over 40ttc) and yes I am starting in January, will you try again?

Russkispy Mon 24-Dec-18 15:45:22

@physicskate thanks! Hope all is well with you!
@Letsdothis43 , yes, I've recognized you too. Yes, was on a short protocol and will do again in January. Didn't have any frosties. So will have to start a fresh round. Will order my meds after holidays and then fly home for EC and ET.
And you? Your first round?

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Letsdothis43 Tue 25-Dec-18 01:24:12

Yep @Russkispy first round in January, no matter how much I read I still feel so dumb about it all... do you know how many tries you will give it? I have no idea ...

Russkispy Wed 26-Dec-18 14:03:45

@Letsdothis43 there's so much to learn about IVF and I'm planning to do some more research now and send a few questions to my doctor. Mainly about failed IVF and when they can do differently?! I'm doing my part by taking lots of supplements including some for a better quality egg. But what else doctors can do by giving us more chances for BFP?!

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Russkispy Sun 10-Feb-19 12:20:56

Didn't go for Ivf in January and TTC naturally instead, and never had any symptoms while in 2ww. (AF or possible pregnancy symptoms), took a HPT this morning and it's BFN. I didn't track OV and no idea how many dpo I'm now. CD29 today and I'm sure it won't be BFP this cycle. Last cycle I had only 26 days. Anyway, just waiting for AF then starting injections for a fresh round of IVF. Will be flying home for EC and ET. Providing all going well.
Back to reflexology and acupuncture next week. And continue with all supplements

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