Cyst removal before IVF

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DawnK77 Tue 18-Dec-18 12:12:02

Hi all, I have got my IVF referal but they won't do it until I have a cyst removed, so got this on 28th December. Has anyone had this done, just wondering what recovery time is like? In my optimistic imagination I don't need to tell anyone about this opp, but New Years Eve is a big family event, any Info would be great! Xx

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Hollyandtheiveee Tue 18-Dec-18 12:19:02

How are they removing it? Is it key hole surgery or are they draining it?

DawnK77 Tue 18-Dec-18 12:32:35

Keyhole x

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Hollyandtheiveee Tue 18-Dec-18 12:51:54

I had a large cyst removed through keyhole. I was off work for two weeks and still a bit tender once I went back. Had to stay in overnight for pain relief and then was hobbling about for a good few days. A fair bit of gas/shoulder pain. It’s key hole so it heals well but it is still surgery and you will be recovering also from the general too. You will need help for at least a few days and also to stay on top of your pain killers. It’s quite a common op though so you can tell people without linking to ivf. I had mine removed as it was causing pain.

Hollyandtheiveee Tue 18-Dec-18 12:52:29

Hope you have a good recovery and good luck with the ivf!

Lauren83 Tue 18-Dec-18 13:24:14

I had a lap for removal of an endometrioma, they kept me in overnight and I went back to work after 3 days I think. That was a quick recovery though I believe. Was fine just a touch tender

DawnK77 Tue 18-Dec-18 23:08:44

Thank you both xxx

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Lalaland44 Tue 18-Dec-18 23:20:51

I had a cyst removed. I’d started the IVF drug. Can’t remember the name 10 years ago now! Had a scan as part of the ivf process to see how many follicles I had but there was a big cyst. Stopped all ivf meds. Cyst was removed laparoscopically a couple of weeks later. Had I think 2-3 months recoup then tried ivf again and got pregnant grin. Good luck. X

Overstating Tue 18-Dec-18 23:25:53

I was out same day (but first on the list in the morning) and then 48 hrs feeling rough from the anaesthetic, sleepy and quite sore. Gradual improvement from then on. Able to drive after a week. Felt pretty normal after a couple of weeks.

Woooman Tue 18-Dec-18 23:48:55

Is cyst removal normally what happens then before ivf? The reason I ask is because almost two years ago I underwent a round of IVF. During the stimulation part of it, at my first scan they saw that I had a large cyst on one of my ovaries. It was never mentioned that I should have it removed before IVF or during that round. It was just "'ve got a large cyst on your left ovary". We continued the round and when it came to egg collection the cyst was in the way on the left ovary so they couldn't retrieve as many eggs on that side (although they collected a decent number altogether). I did subsequently have a successful pregnancy from that round so ultimately it didn't matter whether I had a cyst or not but I've got some frozen embryos and now I'm wondering whether they will want me to have cyst removal before a FET round.

We paid privately so maybe that makes a difference to whether they want cysts removed or not????

Lauren83 Wed 19-Dec-18 05:40:46

It will depend what type of cyst and the size, mine was a 15cm endometrioma (blood filled) so it had to come out but often smaller ones are left if they are follicular cysts or simple cysts, some disperse and some can be drained at EC. It could also be that it grew during the stimulation phase

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