Pregnancy fear after first cycle miscarriage

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physicskate Tue 18-Dec-18 09:19:33

Take some time. And use the counselling services of your clinic. I honestly think you need time to process what you've been through and to grieve.

Runner31 Tue 18-Dec-18 06:05:24

I had a missed miscarriage which showed up on my 7 week scan and I had surgical management at 10 weeks. I thought I was coming with the loss quite well until I had my follow up consultation at the clinic and we arranged to start a 2nd cycle. I really want a second cycle of ivf but I can't stop thinking about falling pregnant again as terrifying. The fear cripples me and regularly causes me to break down in tears. I so desperately want to be pregnant and have a family but I can't help but feel like a miscarriage is inevitable. I know the stats, and I know it's a good sign that we got pregnant and if I think about it logically i can make sense of it all but emotionally it's like I'm stuck in fear. Had anyone else felt like this?

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