Not feeling good since EC

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KatnissMellark Mon 17-Dec-18 14:55:53

I had EC last Thursday and just haven't felt good since. I was in much more pain afterwards than usual (this is our fifth cycle) and am still feeling uncomfortable. Have period type pains, trapped wind and really sore lower back. I'd didn't experience this after previous collections (and I've had ohss twice!!). I'm on a higher dose of progesterone this time and wondering if that could be part of the cause? Anyone else had similar and got any advice? I'm due to have ET tomorrow, all being well but am worried as feel so period-y sad

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KatnissMellark Mon 17-Dec-18 17:00:23


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CritterTamer Mon 17-Dec-18 18:20:29

Sounds like how my ohss started (although mine started after ET) but if you've had ohss before then I would guess you know how that feels. Definitely mention it to your clinic before you'd ET though just in case.

They do warn that progesterone suppositories can cause bloating, cramps and trapped wind so it's possible it's that.

KatnissMellark Mon 17-Dec-18 18:23:16

Thanks @CritterTamer. I only got 5 eggs this cycle Vs 15/16 in all previous cycles, ohss was so bad I was hospitalised twice and I'm am pretty sure it's not that. Really hope not as want to get one of these embryos tucked up inside me. I'm sure they'll scan me before transfer tomorrow so will pick it up if it's there. My previous ohss was late onset too, so not sure if I'm prone to early onset or not.

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CritterTamer Mon 17-Dec-18 19:03:07

@Katnissmellark I think post EC and pre ET is the most likely time to develop ohss as its the reaction to the HCG trigger shot that kick starts it - late onset is less common and usually is a sign that implantation has taken place and your body is now producing HCG. In my case I only had 12 eggs collected so wasn't considered at risk, but I became pregnant with twins and developed moderate ohss 4 days after my double ET.

Hopefully you're just reacting to the progesterone if this doesn't feel like your previous ohss episodes, and I really hope that'll everything goes well for you tomorrow, and for the next 2 weeks - good luck 😊🤞

KatnissMellark Mon 17-Dec-18 19:09:57

Thanks @CritterTamer, you've pretty much echoed what I think. As long as we get to transfer tomorrow I'll be happy 🤞

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