Low progesterone?

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rj995 Mon 17-Dec-18 10:38:58

Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone could help/share some personal experiences. I'm being tested for infertility as my DH and I have been trying for a while with no luck. No one else is aware of this so I'm going through this experience alone at the moment, hence needing to reach out for reassurance.

I had my 21 day results back which showed a level of around 10nmol, which from reading is too low to suggest ovulation. I'm speaking with my GP on Wednesday about what to do next but I wondered from other experiences what happens now? Have any of you been treated for low progesterone & what was the outcome if so?

I'd really appreciate some help through this as I'm feeling a bit confused/low! Thanks x

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VenusStarr Mon 17-Dec-18 10:44:53

Hi @rj995 I've not had the same experience but am also going for fertility testing. Just wanted to ask if your cd21 test was done on the right day? As I think that can affect the result. Was your period 7 days after the test? My cycles are short so I had to go on cd19. If this isn't relevant, please ignore!

Good luck, it's such a horrible process with lots of unknowns and it can feel very lonely with lots of ups and downs, take care flowers

rj995 Mon 17-Dec-18 10:55:32

@VenusStarr thanks so much for your reply! I think they were done 2 days too early as I ov quite late in my cycle, although I wonder if 2 days would make much of a difference to the results? I will highlight this to my GP on Wednesday and see, I wonder if she will suggest another round of 21 day bloods before wanting to start any medication ect. How is your fertility testing coming along?

It very much is, your kind words are so appreciate (and needed) tho!

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VenusStarr Mon 17-Dec-18 11:04:05

I think it's definitely worth discussing with your GP @rj995 although not sure they are all up to speed with fertility issues. Mine did say to me that he'd send me for tests (and dh for sperm analysis) but to expect the fertility clinic to do them all again hmm

My cd1-5 have come back normal and cd21 does seem to indicate I ovulated which is good. Got an ultrasound this morning and currently jiggling for the loo as I need a full bladder. Really hope they are on time!

I do find here helpful as people are understanding as they've been through similar. It's really difficult for me not to think about it but I am trying to do something for me each day so it isn't all consuming, it's hard though x

rj995 Mon 17-Dec-18 14:00:35

Ill give it a mention for sure. That's frustrating they go through the same processes again, kind of feels like a waste of valuable time! How long have you been TTC? That's good news about your bloods, what level were your 21 day bloods if you can remember? Fingers crossed that all goes well for you! Totally understand about it feeling all consuming, it's hard to strike a balance between being knowledgable or knowing too much and being obsessed haha x

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VenusStarr Mon 17-Dec-18 19:09:46

Been trying for a year @rj995, luckily I have short cycles so have been able to get through my tests pretty quickly.

The cd21 tests were 46. I don't really understand the other blood results, but googled them and they're all in the journal range.

Had a scan today and unfortunately I have numerous fibroids and the sonographer said he couldn't be sure but he thinks a couple may be blocking my tubes. But will need a gyne referral. So waiting to get back in to see the GP.

Hope you get on OK with your GP x

Modernfamily101 Mon 17-Dec-18 22:30:42

Do you track your temperatures throughout your cycle at all?

My GP sent me for a day 21 test, even though I knew from temperature tracking that I ovulate late in my cycle and therefore day 21 is too early for my progesterone to have risen (it usually peaks around day 23-24) . I did tell her that but she just said I should go on day 21 anyway.

The results came back low so they sent me for a scan which showed exactly that - that I was ovulating, but late.

It's really surprising how much all these tests are based on the 'average' woman. Even when you get pregnant they guess your ovulation date by adding 14 days to your last period date and use this to calculate your due date (even when you know your actual ovulation date - which makes no sense!)

My advice would be to do as much of your own tracking as possible, for your own sanity. GPs know startlingly little about fertility (I don't mean this in a critical way - they have a lot to remember!). Fertility clinics are better, but even then it has really helped me to do my own research and get to know my own body.


Runner31 Tue 18-Dec-18 06:09:45

I have had low progesterone results and have been told it's likely I don't ovulate every month but it didn't impact the result of my first cycle at all. I responded well to the ivf medication on a short cycle and got pregnant first cycle. It unfortunately ended in a miscarriage but I've been told that that was likely down to a poor quality embryo due to my age.
Anyway, my experience is that low progesterone can stop you getting pregnant naturally but seems pretty straightforward to fix with ivf.

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